10 New Mindsets That Will Improve Your Outlook On Life

How to Cultivate an Attitude That Will Produce the Results You Want

Having a better life is something we all want. What we do daily is often driven by our desire to improve the quality of our lives.

Even though we want a better life, sometimes cultivating the right attitude or mindset to get the results we want can be difficult.

Our external environments and what we feed our minds often has a major effect on our mindset. If we predominantly give our minds positive, optimistic or uplifting input, we’ll tend to have a positive attitude.

If we are exposed to a lot of negativity, pessimism or discouraging input, it will:

  • Lower our motivation to get things done on time.
  • Affect our attitude daily.
  • Place unnecessary stress on our relationships.
  • Cause us to not dream big.
  • Decrease our overall happiness and quality of life.

Being able to have a healthy mindset is critical in order to achieve the results we want and take responsibility for all aspects of our lives.

10 New Mindsets That Will Lead to a Better Attitude and Produce the Results You Want

  1. Always focus on progress, not perfection. The quote, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” is something to always remember. Sometimes perfectionism can be used as an avoidance strategy so we have to constantly remind ourselves to continue taking action. Most times, done is better than perfect.
  2. Your future is determined by the choices you make today. If we want to have a better future, we have to pay much closer attention to the daily choices we make. For example, if we make poor health choices now like not exercising regularly, eating unhealthy meals, or not getting enough sleep daily, we will pay the price in the future. The more intelligent choices we make today, the better our future will be.
  3. Have greater levels of clarity in order to have more motivation. Lack of clarity often results in procrastination, overwhelm and conflicting priorities. If we don’t have a clear direction for where we are heading or want to be, it will be very easy to get side-tracked or distracted. More clarity leads to better decisions and actions.
  4. Impatience robs you of joy from the present moment. We tend to be in a rush to get to a new destination or achieve something we want in life that we sometimes become impatient when things don’t eventuate as we expect them to. It’s important to remember that the journey is often better than the destination, so we should enjoy the process.
  5. Run your race, not someone else’s. We often compromise many things important to us because of expectations or responsibilities. While we should always be responsible, we also should not live our lives based on how others expect us to be. We’re unique and it’s up to us to be true to ourselves.
  6. Always challenge what you believe to be true. We experience our reality through the filter of our beliefs. If we’re not getting the results we want, it’s valuable to question what our beliefs are with respect to the results we want. Asking questions such as, “Is what I believe leading to the results I want?” or “Who would I be if I did not have this belief?” are useful ways to challenge our beliefs.
  7. Obstacles show you the way. Whenever we have a problem, that’s an opportunity to learn something new and use it to move closer to where we want to be. What our obstacles often tell us is that we have to course-correct because something we’re doing is not working.
  8. The more you pause, the faster you can progress. In our busyness in life, we constantly on the go, doing one thing after another, without giving ourselves enough time to just pause and reflect. When we allow ourselves to be still and calm, we can get new inspired ideas that will help us get what we want a lot easier and faster.
  9. Trust yourself and what you know. There will be times when we’ll have a sense that we need to do something specific that may be not related to anything we’re working on or doing. We have to learn to trust ourselves on such occasions because something better is about to emerge. Having a high level of self-trust can lead to a much better life.
  10. Embrace your challenges and struggles. Our struggles help us become the person we need to be to achieve what we want. Rather than resent or bemoan our struggles, we have to learn to accept them as being essential to our growth and future success.

These mindsets will help us develop a positive mental attitude, which will move us closer to where we want to be. If we learn to adopt these mindsets, we’ll start experiencing life in a better, more satisfying way.

Action Step: Choose a mindset that resonates most with you and start practicing it for the next couple of weeks. Progressively include the other mindsets and notice the difference it makes to how you feel and what you experience on a daily basis.

Question: What is another mindset that will cause us to have a positive outlook on life?

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