10 Things That Will Change Your Life Forever

How You Can Create a Better Life Applying These Simple Things

One thing we know about life is that change is constant. Every day, we witness and experience change.

As we get older, our bodies change, as does our perceptions and beliefs. As technology advances, the way we live our lives is also changing and evolving.

The more open we are to change, the better our chances of using what’s changing around us to our advantage. If we’re resistant to change, it’ll be much more difficult for us to incorporate the benefits of the changes happening into our lives.

On a podcast interview I recently listened to, one of the founders of the ride company, Lyft, shared that they have a vision to change everyday road travel around the world.

One of the biggest paradigm shifts for vehicle owners will to be consider not owning a vehicle but instead, sign up to a ride service that a company like Lyft provides for an annual or monthly fee. It’ll be like having a ride on-demand.

Some of the advantages for normal vehicle owners of such a service will include not having to pay vehicle registration, insurance, fuel and ongoing maintenance and repairs. Also, the space saved, whether that’s a garage or carport, can be used for something else.

While there is much to be done to introduce such a service globally, an innovative company like Lyft is on a mission to change the way we travel via road.

Change cannot be avoided because it’ll happen whether we want to participate in it or not. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to become aware of things that can make a huge difference to our results and our lives.

10 Things That Will Change Your Life For the Better

  1. Practice forgiveness regularly. People make mistakes or do things that may affect us in some way. Hanging onto resentments and anger doesn’t serve us. When we forgive someone, we’re really doing it for ourselves rather than for the other person. It doesn’t mean we have to condone or accept what was done or even spend time with them. It’s about allowing ourselves to move on.
  2. Learn to be more present. Practicing presence puts us in our power because we’re intentionally being more mindful and living in the moment. The more present we are, the more self-awareness we’ll develop.
  3. Choose goals that are aligned with who you are. While having goals focused on material success can be useful, if it only benefits us, then those goals won’t necessarily cause us to be the best we can be. If we have goals aligned with who we are, then chances are we’ll be focused on improving other people’s lives in some way and also be focused on making a positive difference.
  4. Invest in yourself. Self-education is more valuable than formal education. The more we invest in ourselves, the more awareness we’ll develop, which will help us make better decisions in life. As we continue to expand our awareness, we’ll continue to develop more of our potential and become the best version of ourselves.
  5. Be more mindful of your self-talk. Before we can change something, we have to become aware that change is needed in the first place. If our self-talk is predominantly negative, then changing it to be more positive and outcome-focused will make a huge difference to how we feel and our overall experience of life.
  6. Do more of what makes you feel alive. It’s not uncommon for people to buy into the belief of “I’ll be able to do what I want in life, when I have this or when such and such happens.” That belief causes people to put off living now. One of the joys of life is doing the things we love to and sharing those experiences with others.
  7. Process any feelings of guilt or regret you may have. We’ve all done things we wished we hadn’t done. Having feelings of remorse, regret or guilt is helpful initially because they inform us of what’s important to us. Hanging onto them, however, can cause us to have low self-confidence and low self-esteem, which can affect how we show up every day.
  8. Embrace your fears or things that make you uncomfortable. Our fears or things that cause us discomfort are all feedback mechanisms. Instead of dismissing them, if we’re willing to face what’s coming up for us in a given situation, we’ll grow and evolve as a person. As we overcome our fears, we’ll allow ourselves to set bigger goals and pursue bigger dreams.
  9. Have a confidant. It’s highly beneficial to have someone we can share our ideas, challenges, insights or dreams with. This person has to be someone we trust and knows who we really are. It can be someone we just talk about life with. We don’t have to try and gain something from them. It’s about having someone who’ll be there for us no matter what.
  10. Start seeing the world the way you’d like it to be. We experience reality through the lens with which we see the world. If we believe the world to be scary, unsafe or negative, then we’ll tend to see and experience more of that in our everyday reality. If we can train ourselves to focus on what’s possible, good, exciting and positive about the world, more of that will show up in our lives.

The more we’re prepared to do things that’ll change our lives for the better, the more likely they’ll happen for us. If we want to create better experiences, we have to be willing to let go of things that aren’t serving us and include things that’ll help us progress in life.

Action Step: Choose one thing from the list above and apply it for the next seven days, starting today. As you start having better experiences, include more things so that you can change your life in a positive way.

Question: What is another thing that can change our lives in a better way forever?

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