10 Things That Will Happen When You Are Inspired By Greatness Every Day

Neel Raman
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It is hard not to get inspired by people who are fully expressing their greatness every day.

These people are passionate, generous, motivating and are usually committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

While we all may have different definitions of greatness, the common theme among all of them is greatness is about fulfilling our purpose in life. That can mean something different to all of us, but we live our greatness when we express our full potential.

Greatness is such an important idea to grasp because when we grow and express our greatness, we bring the best out of ourselves by utilising the gifts, talents and abilities we have. We all do things that come so naturally to us, that we can take for granted.

Those things are often clues to what our greatness is and it is our responsibility to make the most of them.

ways to live your greatness now

I am always inspired by those who have overcome great adversities in life like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, or even those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others.

If we look around, we can always find examples of everyday people expressing their greatness. Most times, these people are making a difference in some way, big or small.

The best thing about living our greatness is that we don’t have to be doing something that is going to “save the world” or “end world hunger.” All we can ever do is the best we can with the knowledge, skills, gifts, talents and abilities we have.

When we see others expressing their greatness, we can’t help but be inspired by them. Here are ten things that will happen if we interact with people who are living their greatness every day.

  1. You will want to step into your greatness more. Seeing others live their greatness is like getting permission to do the same. If others are able to grow their greatness, we will want own our greatness more. There is nothing wrong with following the footsteps of those who inspire greatness.
  2. You will raise your own standards and be more accountable to yourself. If someone like Nick Vujicic, who has no arms and no legs, can travel around the world inspiring others to stop making excuses and live our dreams, what excuses do we have? Living from greatness is about taking personal ownership for all aspects of our lives and being more accountable to living their life we want.
  3. You will develop more courage and confidence. If others can make the most of what they have, then we’ll also want to do the same. Courage and confidence often comes from a “I’ll figure it out” mindset, meaning that often we will not know what to do next, but we will somehow find a way. It is about being willing to have a go and attempt new things.
  4. You will experience joy and happiness more often. When we’re expressing our greatness, we often have a purpose behind why we’re doing the things we are. Living our purpose or mission in life will bring us our greatest joy because we are aligned with what we are inspired to do. We experience happiness when we are inspired to give more of ourselves for the betterment of others.
  5. You will learn from other people’s experiences. Not everything we or anyone else does is always successful, We often have more failures than successes. When we are around people living their greatness, we will learn valuable lessons that we will be able to apply to our lives. Sometimes those lessons will come to us at exactly the right time which can make such a difference to our lives.
  6. You will allow others to learn from your experiences and mistakes. By being willing to step into our greatness, we become a role model to others, and can inspire them to live their greatness. As we have learnt from other people’s mistakes and experiences, other’s can also learn from our mistakes and experiences, which could be the spur they need to make that shift in their lives.
  7. You will develop better and more meaningful relationships. As we connect with more people living their greatness, our network will continue to expand because we’ll want to be around these type of people more often. That will open up opportunities to develop stronger relationships, both personally and professionally. These relationships can lead to more success, joy and fulfilment in life.
  8. You will create more fans. We can’t help but be inspired and attracted to those that make us feel good about ourselves. When we express or live our greatness, others will be attracted us in the same way. Some of these people will become our raving fans because of the difference we have made to their lives. People who live their greatness have a magnetic presence about them, sometimes known as the “star power.”
  9. You will accomplish your goals with a lot more ease. Living our greatness means we are doing things that come naturally to us and oftentimes, we don’t consider what we’re doing as work. If our goals are aligned with our overall mission or purpose in life, we’ll be able to go further a lot faster and with less effort. Achieving our goals will be more enjoyable and satisfying.
  10. You will be an example of what is possible. Silently, we are all looking for role models or people to follow. When we are willing to share our struggles and how we overcame them, it will help others believe it is also possible for them. When we operate from a mindset of being of service to others first, then anything is possible not just for us, but also for others who are inspired by us.

Greatness is all around us and within us. If we have the courage to grow and live our greatness, we will experience the best of what life has to offer us. If we’re not inspired by what we do each day, we won’t be experiencing life to the fullest and may end up having a life of regret.

It is time to get inspired and live our greatness.

Action Step: Connect with someone this week who you feel is living their greatness every day. Have a conversation and find out what you’d like to know that will enable you to live your greatness more fully.

Question: What is another thing that can happen if we live our greatness every day?

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