10 Things That Will Happen When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There is a universal truth which states that we experience our greatest growth in life when we go beyond what we’re familiar and comfortable with.

As nothing stays the same over time and as things constantly evolve or change, if we’re not growing, that means we’re going backwards or dying.

The more we’re able to step outside what we’re comfortable with, the more growth we’ll experience. While intentionally challenging ourselves to take more risks is beneficial, we also do have to be mindful about being responsible and not putting ourselves at risk.

There is a difference between taking risks and being at risk. If we put ourselves at risk, where our basic needs in life are not met, then it’s highly unlikely we’ll be in the right frame of mind to be creative or overcome our challenges easily.

Being able to put ourselves in situations which we know will challenge us and cause us to grow has to become part of who we are and how we live.

Things that happen beyond our comfort zone

The danger of not taking risks or stepping out of our comfort zone includes:

  • Creating the same types of results over and over.
  • Lacking inspiration to go for what we really want.
  • Settling for a life we are not happy with.
  • Making up excuses as to why we are not making progress in life.

Our job is to put ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable and will cause us to go beyond what we have previously done or achieved.

Things That Will Happen When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. You’ll deal with challenges a lot better. The ironic thing is the more risks we take, the more familiar they’ll become, which will help us be more equipped to deal with our challenges or struggles better. We’ll even start welcoming new challenges into lives.
  2. You’ll develop more self-confidence. As we overcome our challenges and continue to achieve new and better results, our confidence will grow and our self-esteem will also improve. A higher level of confidence means a higher self-esteem.
  3. You’ll be more willing to take new risks. As our confidence grow, we’ll be more motivated to stretch ourselves and take on bigger risks. We’ll also have the awareness of which risks are beneficial risks and which ones are dangerous risks.
  4. You’ll overcome your fears faster. The more risks we are willing to take, the more of our fears we have to face and overcome. This means that we’ll be finding ways to move past our fears and find solutions so that we can keep moving towards the things we want.
  5. You’ll gain more insight into your strengths and weaknesses. When we step outside our comfort zone, it means we’re doing things we haven’t done before. That will cause us to enhance strengths we have and also cause us to be more aware of areas we need to get better at.
  6. You’ll let go of things a lot easier. The more risks we take, the more we’ll realise that a lot of things that upset us or cause us stress are not within our control or important. We’ll continue to focus more on things we can control and on things that matter.
  7. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Our self-image or how we think and feel about ourselves will also improve, especially if the things we deliberately make ourselves uncomfortable in, moves us closer to what we really want in life.
  8. You’ll be more successful. The rewards we achieve in life are always in proportion to the risks we’re willing to take. The more risks we take, the greater our chances of achieving more success. Our decision-making ability will also improve. The more successful we are, the more good we can do in the world.
  9. You’ll start inspiring others to take risks as well. As we continue to improve and create a better life for ourselves, we’ll become better leaders and cause others to also improve their lives. This will continue to have a snowball effect as more and more people take more risks in their lives.
  10. You’ll be a lot happier in life. As we focus more on what’s important to us, other people’s agendas will not be our focus. The more progress we make, the more joy we’ll experience. Our emotional health will be better as we’ll be in a pleasant mood more often.

While the thought of taking more risks can be daunting, the truth is if we’re willing to do it consistently, we will continue to improve the quality of our lives. If we are not willing to take risks, chances are we’ll remain at the level we’re at currently and continue to get the same type of results.

Action Step: Reflect on what you’ve been avoiding because it’s uncomfortable for you. Decide on one action you can take in the next week to address it or overcome it.

Question: What is something else that can happen when we step outside our comfort zone?

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