10 Things You Will Appreciate if You Want a Simple Life

Most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, want a simple life. A busy, chaotic life isn’t what we want.

If we objectively question the things we do or the possessions we’ve accumulated, we’ll admit most of them are unnecessary.

We spend much of our lives pursuing things we think are important, but they rarely give us the fulfilment we want.

What is a Simple Life?

A simple life does not mean an easy life. It means:

  • Being clear on our priorities.
  • Knowing what to give our time and energy to.
  • Appreciating the life we have.
  • Not pursuing success or wealth to prove something.
  • Knowing how to bring the best out of ourselves with what we have.

If we want a simple life, it means removing what’s unnecessary and keeping or adding what’s most meaningful.

want a simple life

Things I have done to create a simple life include:

  • Eliminating all uninspiring or unimportant social events.
  • Removing possessions from my home.
  • Letting people drop out of my life without feeling guilty.
  • Becoming very selective about how I spend my free time.
  • Saying no to most new requests, invitations or opportunities.

10 Things You Will Appreciate if You Want a Simple Life

Here are ten things you will appreciate if you want a simple life.

  1. You will not require as much mental energy compared to when things are busy or chaotic. If we have a lot of things going on in our lives, we require more energy to deal with them. Similarly, if we own a lot of possessions, it requires more energy to maintain them.
  2. You will acknowledge it’s easier and much cheaper. Keeping things simple is quicker and less expensive because we’re not focused on accumulating more things.
  3. You will be more organised. It’s much easier to manage a few things than to manage many things.
  4. You will value what you already have. A simple life means we’re not driven by material success, which will make us appreciate the things we have.
  5. You will enjoy more freedom. If we have fewer commitments or things to do, it means we’ll have more time to dedicate to what matters most.
  6. You will learn to be rather than doing all the time. As things drop out of our lives, it creates the space to be present and enjoy the moment we have.
  7. You will be true to yourself. Once the false desire to chase success without meaning falls away, it will allow us to embrace who we are and stay true to who we are.
  8. You will have greater awareness of your emotional health. A big realisation will be, it’s unnecessary to have more things to generate the emotions we want. That means we can generate the emotions we want at will.
  9. You will have a desire to serve or give more. Once our basic needs are taken care of, our focus will shift from ourselves to how we can help others. A simple life opens up the space to do more for others.
  10. You will give more importance to the memories you create. Instead of accumulating things, creating lasting memories will be of greater importance. We know how we think about our lives comes down to memories we create consistently.

Things to Consider Doing if You Want a Simple Life

Creating a simple life is a process. As you start the process, things to consider include:

  1. Get clear on what you value most and align your actions to them.
  2. Avoid overthinking things to prevent mental clutter.
  3. Place greater emphasis or value on experiences and memories rather than things.
  4. Let go of what’s not serving you to create space for new ideas or awareness.
  5. Practice asking yourself often, “What’s most important right now?”

Final Thoughts

If we want to create a simple life, it starts with making a new decision. Even though we may feel resistance, we always have to come back to why we want a simple life.

As we enjoy the benefits of a simple life, we’ll appreciate the difference it makes a lot more.

Action Step: Ask yourself, “What does a simple life mean to me?” If that is something you want or want to have more of, do at least one thing every week to create it.

Question: What are other things you will appreciate if you want a simple life?

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