10 Ways To Fuel Your Productivity

Neel Raman
5 min readAug 8, 2018

Maintaining a high level of productivity isn’t always easy. With so many distractions around us such as social media, television and our smart devices, we can be forgiven for losing focus and dropping off with our productivity.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know you cannot afford to have too many unproductive days in a row.

The cost of low productivity can result in lost income opportunities, giving poor customer service to clients and prospects, and leaving others with a bad impression of you and your business.

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The key is to be aware of the times when your productivity is not where you’d like it to be. Once you’re aware, you can apply any of the ten ways listed below to fuel and kick-start your productivity.

  1. Do something physical. A short burst of something physical such as a brisk walk, a quick jog, or doing yoga stretches will change your physical state and put you in a different frame of mind.
  2. Get enough sleep every night. This is more a “prevention” strategy rather than a “cure” strategy. Feeling flat or lethargic is usually a symptom of not having enough sleep. As entrepreneurs, we know getting a minimum of eight hours sleep per night is really desirable but not always possible. Nevertheless, aiming to get as close to eight hours sleep per night should be the aim.
  3. Create a To-Do list or an Action Plan. Knowing exactly what needs to be done when you start each day is one of the key principles of high performance or productivity. For even better productivity, create your list or plan the day/night before as that gives your mind all night to come up with ways to make that happen.
  4. Review your list of successes. Naturally, the pre-requisite for this is to have a list of successes. It can major accomplishments or something simple like learning to ride a bicycle. Aim to get at least 100 successes on a list. When you read your list of successes, you will automatically feel good about yourself and what you have done, and that really should spur you onto creating more success and give you that boost you need right now.
  5. Watch, listen or read something inspirational or uplifting. There are hundreds of options available today to get a quick hit of something entertaining and motivating. Watching videos on YouTube or Facebook can be a good resource. There are millions of books available on Amazon so we aren’t short on choices. It comes down to what your preferred option.
  6. Do something you love. Doing something that gives you joy can be such a motivator to continue doing things that may not be as enjoyable. It could as simple as making your favourite meal or singing your favourite song or even dancing.
  7. Talk to someone you love. This can be a close friend, family member or someone that brightens your day. Having a conversation with someone you trust can also be a way to get them to provide you feedback on anything you may be struggling with.
  8. Check off a task off your To-Do list or Action Plan. As per point #3, once you see yourself making progress through the day, you feel good because you know you’re actually moving forward. Something magical happens when you physically check off or cross out something from your list of things to do. You just want to do more.
  9. Listen to your favourite music. Nothing puts us in a good mood better than listening to music we love. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get back on track if you’re having a day of low productivity.
  10. Complete something before it’s due. All too often, we tend to leave things till the last day or even the last hour before we finish, if we even finish it. If you have a long list of projects or tasks to complete, finishing off something early is a good way to stay motivated and strive to complete even more tasks earlier.

High productivity is one of the key success factors, and is even more important if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. Having some tools to help you get back on the track of high productivity is extremely useful as we don’t feel our best all the time. Use these tools to your advantage.

Question: Which of the ways mentioned did you find most useful?

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