5 Daily Rituals That Will Make Your Life Better

Simple Things You Can Do to Bring More Joy Into Your Daily Experiences

As we are beings programmed for growth, our desire to have more and create a better life shapes almost all the things we do on a daily basis.

The more we can convert the things we do that makes our life better into habits, practices, routines or rituals, the easier it will be for us to keep doing them and continue to reap the benefits of doing so.

Having daily, empowering rituals can help us:

What is a Ritual?

A ritual is an activity or series of activities that involves movement, words or objects, done in a pre-defined order or sequence. In other words, rituals are things we can do to generate certain emotions, which can then assist us in accomplishing what we want to.

Having daily rituals means being intentional about what we do and how we do them.

morning rituals that can change your life

A daily ritual I started a number of years ago was reviewing my day through a journaling process. By choosing to invest 10–15 minutes at the end of each day, it has helped me have more clarity on what I need to be doing the next day. It has also improved my ability to stay focused for longer periods of time on things that matter most to me.

One ritual I plan on adding is to have a shut-down work ritual. I currently tend to work whenever I want to, which is not always the best thing to do. Therefore, I want to have a specific way, at a specific time each day, to end my work, wind down, and get ready for the next day.

5 Daily Rituals to Consider That Will Enhance Your Life

While typically rituals imply we do things in a certain order, the ideas suggested here may not necessarily have to be done in order. The focus is to make it a daily ritual so that it becomes a part of how we operate.

1. Smiling at yourself in the mirror for at least 30 seconds every morning. This ritual will enhance our level of confidence and self-love. It will also help us be more accepting of who we are and quieten the negative voice in our heads.

2. Being grateful for at least three things daily. This can be written down or we can do it through a quiet moment of self-reflection. When we’re grateful, we’re focusing on what’s going well for us rather than what’s missing or what’s not going well. Gratitude is a practice that will help us maintain a healthy mental attitude.

3. Identifying three to five things you want to get done each day. We feel good about ourselves when we have accomplished things we want to. By identifying what we want to get done daily, we’ll have a much higher level of clarity and focus. Three to five things done daily over a period of weeks or months will add to significant progress, whether that’s towards the completion of a project or the achievement of a goal.

4. Focus on one thing at a time. We have to give up the idea multitasking works or is a valuable practice or skill. Anyone who can focus on one thing at a time will almost always outperform someone who constantly switches from task to task. In order to focus better, we have to become better at eliminating distractions.

5. Capturing your thoughts, ideas and insights rather than holding them in your head. We generate thousands of thoughts each day, therefore it’s difficult to hold all that information in our heads. That practice will not support us in staying focused and doing our best work.

It’s more effective to capture the ideas or insights we believe are valuable, through a journalling process, and continue doing what we need to. That will free our mind to be more focused and we can always refer back to the idea or insight at a later time.

As we incorporate more empowering rituals into our lives daily, we will start to experience a shift in how we feel, the way we work and how we go about our day. Over time, we’ll make faster progress towards what we want and create a better life.

Action Step: Choose one ritual and put it into practice this week. Keep track of how you feel and what you experience as you make it a daily ritual. Over time, add in the other rituals and enjoy the benefits you will gain from doing so.

Question: What is another daily ritual that can make our lives better?

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