5 Deadly Mistakes That Will Prevent You From Having A Big Breakthrough

Has this ever happened to you? You get to the end of a year and wonder, “What happened this year?” or “What did I actually achieve this year?”

You had started the year with a lot of enthusiasm and hoped that this would be “the year” in which you had big breakthroughs and moved your life forward in a big way. However, things may not have worked out the way you wanted and now you feel like you’ve not made any significant progress over the past year.

If you’re like me, then you know that feeling we’ve not made any real progress in our lives can be demotivating and cause us to question whether we have what it takes to achieve what matters most to us.

The bad news is unless we’re aware of what may have caused us to fall short in achieving what we wanted, it’s very likely we’ll do the same things again and achieve similar type of results this year.

The good news is things can be different. By becoming aware of certain mistakes that prevented us from achieving what we wanted this past year, we can make the changes necessary and achieve big breakthroughs this year.

What is a Big Breakthrough?

A breakthrough means achieving an outcome that will make a significant improvement or bring forth a major benefit in our lives. As we’re all different and have different priorities, what we consider to be breakthroughs may be different.

For example, for one person, earning an additional $50,000 in one year may be a significant breakthrough, whereas for another person, that figure may not be a big deal at all.

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How to have your best year ever

No matter what we consider to be a breakthrough for us, we must become aware of the mistakes that will prevent us from achieving it.

5 Deadly Mistakes That Will Prevent You From Having a Big Breakthrough This Year

Mistake #1: Not Having Clarity on What’s Important to You

We cannot have a big breakthrough if we’re not clear on which area of our lives we have to focus on first. As the saying goes, “If we don’t know where we are going, any road will get us there.”

Oftentimes, people will default to focusing on finances at the expense of their health, whether it’s their mental, emotional or physical health, or at the expense of their close relationships. Unless we first identify the areas that are important to us, it’s likely we’ll focus on the wrong area to achieve a breakthrough.

Not having that level of clarity will lead to:

  • Confusion and uncertainty.
  • Low levels of motivation.
  • Failing to take effective action.

The Solution: Identify which areas are important to you in life and evaluate how much clarity you have in what you want for each of those areas.

Mistake #2: Failing to Review Where You Currently Are

It’s difficult to get to a new destination if we don’t know where we are starting from. A common mistake people make is to identify something they want without looking at where they currently are in relation to what they want.

Failing to review where we are will lead to:

  • Unproductive patterns and behaviours going by undetected.
  • A repeat of the habits that are producing our current results.
  • Lack of awareness of how to do things better.

The Solution: Review where you currently are in relation to where you want to be and what may have caused you to achieve the results you have been achieving up until now.

Mistake #3: Taking on More Than You Can Handle

While enthusiasm is important, if we want to achieve a big breakthrough, we also have be mindful of our commitments and priorities. It’s not unusual for people to be overly ambitious and identify many things they want to achieve, in a short period of time.

That strategy can work for some people, but for most people, it just creates more issues and problems.

Taking on too much will lead to:

  • High levels of pressure, stress or overwhelm.
  • Delay in achieving what we want, if at all.
  • Lack of focus because our attention will be on too many things.

The Solution: Based on what you identify as important to you, focus on achieving one thing at a time, where practical.

Mistake #4: Not Having a Clear Plan to Follow

If we fail to plan, then we’re planning to fail. It’s very difficult to achieve anything worthwhile in life without a clear plan.

Having a plan does not mean we cannot change things, if required. It means we have a roadmap to get from where we currently are to where to want to eventually be.

Not having a clear plan will lead to:

  • Time being wasted doing the wrong things.
  • Not knowing what’s working or not working in our approach.
  • Not having an effective review process to improve what we’re doing.

The Solution: Based on what you identify as important to you, create a plan to achieve it in the timeframe you want.

Mistake #5: Failing to Move Forward Despite Challenges

If we want to achieve a big breakthrough that’s important and meaningful to us, it’s inevitable we’ll encounter obstacles, roadblocks or problems as we start taking action.

What often tends to happen is that people take a roadblock or challenge as a stop sign rather than as an opportunity to pause and review how they are doing things.

Failing to move forward despite the challenges we face will lead to:

  • Feeling like a failure and eventually quit on our breakthrough.
  • Going back to unproductive habits, patterns and behaviours.
  • Not generating enough momentum or forward progress toward achieving our breakthrough.

The Solution: Focus on building consistent momentum by continually taking action and making adjustments as required.

If we’re not happy with what we’ve done, achieved or become in recent times, then we must do things differently if we want to get new results. If we want to have our best year yet, then it’s time to stop making these mistakes and start making the changes necessary to achieve our breakthroughs.

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Question: Which of these mistakes have prevented you from having a big breakthrough in the past?

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