5 Experiences That Will Make You Value Your Life

Why Everything You Go Through is Guiding You to Become a Better Person

There are experiences that will make you value your life, which will help you become the person you know you can be.

How you view your life depends on your experiences. If you have fun or pleasant experiences regularly, you will generate more positive thoughts and emotions.

If you have difficult or unpleasant experiences, they can shape who you become and how you live your life.

The Value of Having Quality Experiences

When you have experiences you want, the benefits include:

  • You will have a better attitude and outlook on life.
  • You will feel good about yourself and the live you are living.
  • You will develop better relationships.
  • You will challenge yourself to create better experiences.
  • You will grow and evolve into a happier, more confident person.

The experiences you have give your life meaning and depth. Therefore, it’s valuable to know which experiences to aim for.

Everyone wants a good life. Everyone also has different interpretations on what a good life is.

value your life

5 Experiences That Will Make You Value Your Life

There aren’t experiences that are right or wrong. It’s what you consider valuable and beneficial to your life.

Here are five experiences you can pursue that will make you value your life and guide you to become the person you want to be.

  1. Designing the life you want to live. You can live a life by default or a life by design. When you design the life you want, you take steps to be in alignment with who you are and who you want to become. Take time regularly to review where you are in life and where you are heading.
  2. Accepting the mistakes you have made. This is about owning your whole life story — the good and the bad. You have made mistakes along the way and you need to accept they are part of your journey in life. Let go of what you cannot change now.
  3. Challenging yourself to do things that will test your courage and commitment. You grow and evolve when you do things you haven’t done before. Those new experiences give you the awareness and wisdom to make better choices. They will also cause you to take more risks in life.
  4. Allowing yourself to feel all your emotions. You will have positive and negative emotions. Instead of resisting emotions you don’t want, experience them fully. The key is to not stay in the emotions you don’t enjoy. It’s also important not to rush through your emotions. Fully feel them, then choose whether to hang on to them or release them.
  5. Making your life about being of service to others. Everyone wants to make a difference. Instead of focusing only on what you can get in life, also focus on how you can serve others. The difference you make will live on after you are gone.

Risks if You Do Not Create Experiences You Value

If you do not create experiences that will make you value your life, the risks include:

  • Life will feel dull or mundane.
  • You will not challenge yourself to do new things.
  • You increase the likelihood of heading down a wrong path.
  • You will not progress in the direction you want.
  • You will not grow as a person.

Things You Can Do to Create Valuable Experiences

Things you can do to create experiences that will make you value your life include:

  • Set goals for what you want, not for what you think you can achieve.
  • Travel to different countries to broaden your perspective.
  • Give to others without expecting anything in return.
  • Forgive yourself and others and rekindle relationships.
  • Change what is not working for you and continually focus on what you want.

Final Thoughts

Life is about relationships, memories and experiences. You can intentionally create these and add more value to your life.

When you do, things that are not important will fall away and you will give more attention to what gives meaning to your life. That will help you design and live the life you want.

Action Step: Reflect on what will add value to your life. Then identify the things you can do to create new experiences. Focus on one thing at a time to make those experiences more meaningful.

Question: What are other experiences that will make you value your life?

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