5 Reasons Why Getting Blunt Feedback Is The Best Thing For You

how to get feedback
  1. You will hear the truth faster. As professionals, we can sometimes get caught up in our own world and lose touch with reality or the truth. Blunt feedback can cut through all the fluff and get to the heart of the matter. The faster we can hear or get to the truth, the quicker we’ll be able to take corrective actions.
  2. You will enhance relationships with people who have your best interest in mind. Giving feedback can be just as difficult as receiving feedback, which is why not too many people are willing to give honest feedback. If we have people in our lives who are willing to provide us feedback, we will develop a higher level of respect for them because we know how difficult it can be for people to provide feedback.
  3. You will be better informed to make new decisions. The best part about receiving genuine feedback is we will start developing new perspectives. Feedback allows us to see situations from other people’s point of view. Sometimes those new perspectives can be the difference between a breakthrough or continuing to struggle through a situation.
  4. You will develop an improvement mindset. As we are programmed for growth, we can only reach our highest potential if we’re willing to evaluate what’s working and not working in our lives, then taking the necessary steps to improve. Our desire to continually get better will make a profound difference in our lives, if we’re willing to be open to receiving feedback.
  5. You will stop trying to be perfect. One reason why people tend not to ask for feedback is because of the fear of being found out that there is something wrong with either their product or service, or with them. The reality is we are not perfect so we should get over this idea of trying to be perfect. If we’re creating a product, the sooner we release something and get feedback from the marketplace, the quicker we’ll be able to improve it. The cycle of improvement should never stop hence, we should not worry about trying to be perfect.

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