5 Simple Project Management Techniques That Will Boost Your Productivity

Why Adopting These Practices Will Improve How You Do Things

Neel Raman
5 min readMar 22, 2022

You can apply simple project management techniques to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity daily.

Any technique or idea that can help you perform better is worth exploring, especially with all the distractions you have to manage every day.

Using project management techniques will require a willingness to review and refine how you work to take advantage of them.

Before looking at project management techniques, it’s helpful to first know what’s involved in project management.

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What is Project Management?

Project management is the process of planning, organising, and controlling activities or tasks for the successful completion of any project.

It involves managing resources, which can include people, money, time, materials, information, and documentation.

The aim of project management is to provide clarity and visibility so a project can meet its objectives, while reducing any risks that may come up.

When used correctly, project management increases the likelihood a project will end on time, while staying within the constraints allowed.

Using a project management mindset can make you more effective, which means you will increase and improve how much you produce.

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How Project Management Techniques Can Boost Your Productivity

Common reasons to use project management techniques include:

  • To have a plan to stay on track to reach your objectives.
  • To reduce inefficiencies, wasted effort, and decrease costs.
  • To keep stay accountable.
  • To minimise risks by having clearly defined outcomes.
  • To avoid delays.

5 Simple Project Management Techniques You Need to Know to Become More Productive

Here are five project management techniques you can use to boost your productivity and develop a new mindset about what it means to be productive.

  1. Have clearly defined objectives. Before you do something, ask yourself, “What is my objective, and how will I know I have achieved it?” Sometimes, you may give yourself a set amount of time to work on something, while other times, you may keep going until you complete something. The clearer you are, the better your chances you will reach your objective.
  2. Break your main tasks into smaller tasks. All tasks are not equal. Some will require more time, while others may involve multiple steps before reaching your objective. Breaking big tasks into smaller ones can help reduce overwhelm and also keep you motivated as you reach certain milestones. Sometimes, breaking tasks into smaller steps can speed up the achievement of those tasks.
  3. Prioritize your time and tasks. When you have clearly defined objectives, it’s a lot easier to know what to do and when you need to get them done. That will help you be efficient with your time because it will require you to plan ahead.
  4. Stick to deadlines to stay accountable. When you know what needs to get done and by when, it will require you to take responsibility and be committed to meet your deadlines. That will make you work better so you can get things done on time.
  5. Find your rhythm to improve your focus. Project management techniques are simply tools to keep you focused. Once you use these techniques regularly, how you work will improve because you’ll focus more on your objectives. That will help make you a more productive person.

Final Thoughts

Any time you can use a technique to improve your productivity will pay off. Project management techniques, when used consistently, will improve how you work and how much you produce.

As you use them daily, you will recognise you can also use them to improve other areas of your life.

Action Step: Review what techniques you’re using to stay productive and whether they’re working well for you. If they are, consider what you can do to improve further. If they’re not working as well as they could, apply one technique in the next week to boost your productivity.

Question: What are other project management techniques that will boost your productivity?

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