5 Simple Ways You Can Refuse to Get Affected By Negative News

Things That Will Help You Manage Your Mental and Emotional States Better

If you don’t pay attention to the input you let into your mind, it is easy to get affected by negative news.

With the constant focus on what’s not going well, your ability to refuse to get affected by negative news will help you better manage your health and wellness.

The Costs of Constant Exposure to Negative News

Your brain is in a restful state most times. When there is stimuli or new input, your brain processes it by going into “fight, flight or freeze” mode, before it goes back to a restful state.

Constant stimulation will have an effect on how you function. The costs of being exposed to negative news constantly include:

  • It will put you in a bad mood.
  • You will feel tired easily.
  • It will affect your mental health.
  • You won’t get good quality sleep.
  • It will generate more stress, worry and anxiety.
  • Your motivation will decrease.
  • It will decrease your optimism or outlook on life.
  • It can cause physical pain and also make you sick.

How you deal with negative news is valuable to know because every day, you are exposed to it.

get affected by negative news

5 Simple Ways You Can Avoid Getting Affected By Negative News

You are responsible for what you feed your mind. This means you have the power to choose what you give your attention to.

Here are five ways you can avoid getting affected by negative news, so you can keep yourself in a healthy frame of mind and give attention to things that matter.

  1. Intentionally seek positive news. While it’s easy to believe there is more negative than positive news, the truth is negativity causes people to pay more attention. This is because we are wired to avoid danger. Positive news is available, however it requires a little more effort to find. There are apps you can download or websites you can visit to find “feel good” news.
  2. Avoid the news completely. If there is something important you need to know, you will find out about it. Negative news has nothing to do with you or what you want. Giving yourself a media ban will do wonders. Turn off the news on television and avoid negativity on social media. Use that time to focus on your goals instead.
  3. Find activities to do to keep yourself occupied. When people are bored or lack focus, they default to what’s easy. Most times, unhealthy and unproductive habits will take over. If you have projects or hobbies you are committed to, you won’t have time to waste on negative news. Projects and hobbies are healthy distractions that will make a positive difference in your life.
  4. Train yourself to release stress or worry any time. Even if you block out negativity, unwanted input can still get into your mind. Learning releasing techniques and practicing mindfulness are simple ways to let go of thoughts that are unhealthy.
  5. Build a positive peer group. The people you spend time with will affect your attitude and outlook on life. Avoid spending time with people who prefer to whine, blame and complain. Instead, spend time with people who are goal-oriented and want to improve their lives.

Final Thoughts

When you reject negative news, you will have more time to give to those who matter and to things that are worthwhile. That will support you in having more enthusiasm and optimism about your life and your future.

When you give more attention to what matters, you will feel better about yourself and who you are becoming, and will create better experiences daily.

Action Step: Assess how much time you give to news or unproductive things that do not get you closer to what you want. Instead, focus more on what you can control and change, so you can progress faster to your goals.

Question: What are other ways you can refuse to get affected by negative news?

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