5 Steps That Will Guarantee A Brilliant And Productive Day

Ways to wake up productive
  1. Plan your next day before going to bed. The advantage of doing this is that if we identify specific outcomes we’d like to achieve the next day, when we go to bed, it gives our mind the time and space to come up with ideas that will help us achieve those outcomes. Have you ever woken up in the morning with new ideas on how to get something done or solve a problem you’ve had? That is the power of having our mind work for us while we’re giving our body a rest. Prioritising our activities is extremely valuable as we should do our highest value or most important tasks first.
  2. Engage your mind and body when you wake up. When we wake up, we’ve typically gone anywhere from six to eight hours without any food or water. It is important that we nourish our body with plenty of fluids, and activate our body either via stretches or a physical workout. We can engage our mind through meditation and visualising how we want our day to unfold. The better the quality of the inner work we do, the better the quality our outer work will be, which affects our level of productivity.
  3. Take good care of your body. We are constantly using mental and physical energy during the day. Therefore we must take care of ourselves well during the course of the day. Having healthy meals, taking regular breaks, keeping our body engaged by standing up or moving around are some simple things that will help us stay productive. What we drink also play a critical part in how our energy levels fluctuate during the day. If it is possible, having a short nap in the afternoon will also help maintain our energy levels especially towards the end of the day.
  4. Set up milestones and rewards during the day. We tend to love rewards so we can set up small or large rewards during the day. If we get certain tasks completed, a reward could be food, a longer break or maybe we can allow ourselves some additional distraction time like social media or listening to music. We have to be careful that the rewards don’t have the opposite effect and decrease our productivity. We can experiment with some ideas just to get a sense of what will or won’t work for us in terms of rewards.
  5. Schedule all activities that must be completed. If we don’t do this, none of the other things really matter. The things we want to get done have to be scheduled in, otherwise un-important but urgent tasks can easily take up most of our day. It is highly beneficial to schedule our highest priorities first and work on one thing at a time. We should also form the habit of scheduling in our breaks and distraction times for checking our emails or responding to messages or phone calls.

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