5 Steps You Can Take to Feel More Abundant in Life

When you feel more abundant in life, you will have a positive mindset, which will show in your daily experiences.

Any time you can generate emotions that make you feel good about yourself and your life will cause you to do things that will help you progress faster towards what you want.

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What Does It Mean to Feel More Abundant?

To feel more abundant means:

  • To have a positive outlook about yourself and your life.
  • To have an attitude of generosity.
  • To have the confidence to handle anything that comes up in your life.
  • To view any situation from a place of possibility rather than focusing on limitations.
  • To live your life with greater freedom and flexibility.
  • To let go of things you cannot change or influence.
  • To have the time and energy to focus on what’s important to you.
  • To have a sense of purpose and meaning for your life.

You can train yourself to feel more abundant now without having to wait until you have achieved more in your life.

feel more abundant

Advantages of Feeling Abundant

The benefits of feeling abundant include:

  • You don’t have to wait for something to happen first before you do what you want.
  • You will appreciate the little things in life.
  • You will create better experiences.
  • You will be more generous.
  • You will pay more attention to the positive aspects of your life.
  • You will attract good things into your life.
  • You will have clarity of thought, which will help you focus better.
  • You will not let conditions or circumstances limit what you believe is possible.
  • You will be more bold and take bigger risks.
  • You will develop better relationships.

Things That Can Stop You from Feeling Abundant

Things that may prevent you from feeling abundant include:

  • You may have a lack mentality rather than an abundant mindset.
  • You let your thinking be controlled by your circumstances and results.
  • You don’t practice gratitude on a daily basis.
  • You have low self-esteem.
  • You don’t focus on your overall health and wellness.
  • You have unproductive habits, such as procrastination or overthinking.
  • You react to situations rather than respond intelligently to them.
  • You criticise yourself and others often.
  • You don’t know how to deal with negative emotions.
  • You don’t have clear visions or goals in life.

To feel more abundant, even when you have evidence in your material world stating otherwise, requires a change in how you view things in life.

5 Ways You Can Feel More Abundant Today

Here are five ways you can feel more abundant, which will help you create better experiences in your life.

  1. Define what it means to feel more abundant. What’s your definition of abundance? If you don’t know what an abundant life means to you, chances are you won’t experience it regularly. Identify what would need to happen for you to develop an abundance mindset.
  2. Appreciate everything that comes into or happens in your life. No matter how difficult things are, you can always find things to be grateful for in your daily life. When you have a practice of being grateful, it will expand your mindset and cause you to create better experiences in your life.
  3. Develop an attitude of giving more than you receive. Never focus on what you will receive if you truly want to have an abundant mentality. You always have access to an abundant supply, which means the good you can receive will never run out. Always give without an expectation of hoping to get something in return.
  4. Rehearse your ideal life in your mind. When you know what it means to feel more abundant, it’s beneficial to see yourself living it. Having visual representations such as a vision board or a goals book will help you build the picture of your ideal life. Also, define what your ideal day will look like if you had true abundance in your life.
  5. Stay curious and open-minded. Never stop learning and developing yourself. As you grow, your mind will expand, which means abundant thinking will become a part of who you are and how you operate. Spend time with abundant-minded people and those who will challenge your thinking. The more you learn, the easier it will become to remove any blocks to abundance you may have.

Final Thoughts

The concept of abundance, or feeling more abundant, will only work if you practice it. If you believe everything is energy, then to feel more abundant, you need to tap into the energy of abundance.

When you feel more abundant, everything in your life will improve and you will wonder why you did not live this way before.

Action Step: If you have unlimited abundance, what will you see, experience, and do, and how will your approach to life change? Write a description of what it means to feel more abundant.

Question: What are other steps you can take to feel more abundant in life?

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