5 Truths You Do Not Want to Admit About Life

If you know there are truths you do not want to admit about life and do nothing about them, you will pay the price later on.

Avoiding these truths will continue to cause mental and emotional stress, which can lead to physical pain and other health issues.

Why is it Difficult to Face Certain Truths?

Most people have a view or model of the world. When that view or model is questioned, their sense of how to operate is challenged.

Therefore, it is difficult to face certain truths because:

  • It is uncomfortable and painful.
  • It will require change, which can bring up resistance.
  • It is easier to ignore them.
  • You have been conditioned to act the way you do.
  • What you believe is true helps you navigate the world.

It takes courage to admit something about your life is not right or is not working. That means something within you needs to change.

What are the Costs if You Do Not Admit Certain Truths About Life?

Ignoring what’s not working is not an intelligent strategy. The costs if you do not admit certain truths about life include:

  • A sense of resignation.
  • Low optimism for a better future.
  • Reduced self-confidence.
  • Not being true to yourself or those in your life.
  • Self-doubt and procrastination.

Hoping things will turn out well, even though you know you have to change what you do, will prevent you from making tough decisions.

truths you do not want to admit

5 Truths You Do Not Want to Admit About Life

Here are five truths you may not want to admit about your life, which will not serve you in the long run and cause you further pain.

  1. You cannot blame anyone for your reality. Everyone has experienced hardship and pain. While other people may have caused you pain, it does not mean you cannot rise above it and change your life. You are responsible for the results you get.
  2. The challenges you face are what you need. Life often gives you experiences you don’t want, but they are what you need to become the person you can be. Learn to embrace your challenges and use them as life lessons.
  3. Life is lonely sometimes. Even though you have loved ones and friends, you may feel lost or struggle to find a real purpose for your life. Having a supportive network or people who believe in you will make a difference. If you have people who support you unconditionally, nurture those relationships.
  4. Your failures and disappointments can put you on the right path. Even though failures are painful, they often are a gift. They can help you course-correct, so you can do what you are meant to. How you deal with your failures and disappointments will affect the choices you make.
  5. You will get out of life what you put in. Life will go on whether you participate or not. If you don’t change what’s not working, you will suffer mentally and emotionally. To get out of that mental prison, define what you want your life to look like.

What Can You Do to Accept These Truths About Life?

To accept these truths, things you can do include:

  • Observe your thoughts in relation to them.
  • Describe the life you want to live.
  • Question your beliefs and how they have either served or hindered you.
  • Commit to doing something daily that will move you closer to the life you want.

Final Thoughts

Life is what you make it to be. If you have a vision for your life, hold on to that possibility and align your actions to what you want and how you want to live.

You can live the life you want if you face what’s not working and commit to do what’s required to change things.

Action Step: Reflect on the truths mentioned. Assess whether you need to accept them and do things differently. Start with one thing and continue doing what’s needed, so you can live the life you want.

Question: What are other truths you do not want to admit about life?

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