5 Valuable Gifts You Can Give That Costs Nothing

Gifts you can give that costs nothing are often the best ones. They usually have greater meaning and significance to the person receiving it.

A valuable gift does not always require you to spend money. Gifts usually require extra thought, care, and creativity to make them valuable to those receiving them.

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Things to Consider Before Giving Gifts

When you give someone a gift, it shows you value the person and appreciate them for something they did or for who they are.

The more thought you put into the gift you give, the higher the perceived value.

Before you give someone a gift, things to consider include:

  • What is your intention?
  • Why do you want to give them a gift?
  • What do they like or dislike?
  • What don’t they have that you could provide as a gift?
  • How much time do you want to spend searching for the right gift?
  • If you were receiving the gift you want to give, how will you react and feel?

As per the Five Love Languagesby Gary Chapman, people fall into one of five categories regarding what makes the feel loved and appreciated.

Although this concept is mainly for intimate and love relationships, it’s useful to know when considering what gift you can give to someone.

  1. Words of Affirmation: Saying something positive, uplifting, and encouraging.
  2. Quality Time: Giving someone your undivided attention as you spend time together to connect.
  3. Receiving Gifts: Giving something that shows how much you value someone.
  4. Acts of Service: Doing something for another person, expecting nothing in return.
  5. Physical Touch: Showing affection to a person through a handshake or hug.

When considering what type of gift you want to give, it’s also helpful to consider your love language and what makes you happy. That way, everyone wins.

gifts you can give that costs nothing

5 Gifts You Can Give That Costs Nothing

Here are five simple, yet valuable gifts you can give that cost nothing and will improve the quality of your relationships.

1. Your time and presence to have a meaningful conversation

In the world of virtual communication we now live in, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. People want to connect and have conversations that stimulate thought and provide alternate perspectives.

Giving your full attention to someone when having a conversation costs you nothing.

2. A compliment or words of encouragement

A compliment or a positive comment can make someone’s day. It’s about being observant and saying things you mean that’s uplifting and encouraging.

3. Your expertise and experience

You know things others may not. Sharing your knowledge and wisdom will not cost you anything and it will not make your life worse.

It can, however, help someone complete a task or achieve a goal. It’s about having a service mindset.

4. Introducing someone to other people you know

Having connections with others can help us succeed in life. Knowing what someone wants to achieve in life and connecting them with others who can support them to reach their goals will go a long way.

5. Being authentic and your true self all the time

People want genuine relationships. Being your real self, rather than acting a certain way to gain approval and acceptance, will not create strong relationships.

If you are honest with others all the time, they will value you and your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Giving gifts is an ancient tradition that will always have relevance and significance. When you give gifts that costs nothing, it usually means you have given thought to a person’s likes and dislikes.

A small gesture like giving a gift that costs nothing can go a long way toward building strong and supportive relationships.

Action Step: Think of someone you relate to regularly you’d like to give a gift. Based on how well you know them, identify a gift you can give that costs nothing and give it to them within the next week.

Question: What are other gifts you can give that costs nothing?

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