5 Ways Better Self-Control Will Lead to More Success

Many unexpected things can happen in life, therefore having better self-control can help you stay on course.

If you evaluated yourself, how much self-control do you think you have?

Can you resist the temptation to eat something unhealthy when you’re feeling down?

Can you refrain from lashing out at someone who may have triggered you?

Do you struggle to maintain your disciplines, especially those related to your health and wellness?

If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, you have good self-control. If you’ve answered no to some of them, you need to learn to exercise better self-control.

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What is Self-Control?

Self-control refers to a person’s ability to manage their thoughts, feelings, actions, and impulsive behaviors in their everyday lives.

It is the ability to have behavioral control and avoid temptations as you pursue your goals.

When you have good self-control, you will act according to your values, which will lead to positive outcomes, such as improved health, happiness, relationships, career success, and goal attainment.

Factors That Influence Self-Control

The factors that influence self-control include:

  • Genetics — a person’s genes will affect their ability to exercise self-control.
  • Environment — the people a person associates with will affect their decisions and actions.
  • Childhood experiences — a person’s conditioning and programming will affect their impulses and choices.
  • Personality traits — the qualities and characteristics a person has will affect their self-control.

As you develop self-control strength, you will increase your chances of achieving more success in the different areas of your life.

better self-control

Why Does Having Better Self-Control Matter?

Having better self-control matters because:

  • It will help you resist temptations and justify poor choices.
  • It will keep you focused on your short-term and long-term goals.
  • It will help reduce impulsive decisions and behavior.
  • It will boost your self-esteem and your self-confidence.
  • It will support you in maintaining your healthy habits and overall well-being.

The Costs of Not Having Better Self-Control

Self-control failure will lead to:

  • Unproductive or bad habits.
  • Poor relationships.
  • Slow progress towards goals.
  • Low productivity and performance.
  • Lack of willpower and self-discipline.

5 Ways Better Self-Control Will Lead to More Success

Here are five ways better self-control will improve your life and also lead to healthy behaviors and more success.

1. You won’t succumb to instant gratification

You’re more likely to be future-focused and manage your impulsive behaviors better. Delay of gratification will support you over the long term and will lead to positive life outcomes.

2. You will place a high value on your time

This means you won’t waste time procrastinating or on social media. With the understanding the people you spend time with affect your behaviour, you will choose wisely who you spend your time with.

3. You will improve your mental health, emotional health, and physical health

You will manage stress better because you won’t let events or circumstances affect how you feel or what you do.

You won’t get triggered as much and respond better to unexpected events, which also means less life stress, anxiety, and worry.

4. You will have more clarity on your priorities

Knowing what’s important to you will allow you to focus on things that will move your life forward.

This may include working out regularly, building strong relationships, improving your finances, and focusing on your job or business performance.

5. You will develop productive habits and grow as a person

When you practice better self-control and see the improvements in your life, you will have a higher level of self-respect.

That will help you become a disciplined person and motivate you to continue with habits that positively support your life.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

Here are a few ways you can strengthen your self-control abilities.

  • Choose wisely who you spend time with.
  • Develop your mental and emotional strength using mindfulness practices.
  • Make self-reflection a daily practice.
  • Improve your attitude and outlook on life.
  • Manage your energy better through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and sleep.
  • Avoid toxic or unhealthy substances, which will lead to willpower depletion.
  • Say no to things that do not move you closer to your goals.

Final Thoughts

With better self-control, you will have more self-discipline and progress faster towards your goals. You have the power within you to use better judgment to do what’s best for you.

When you have better self-control, you will enjoy more success and improve the quality of your life.

Action Step: Next time you feel triggered or have an impulsive urge to react to something, pause for a few seconds before doing anything. Use it to exercise better self-control and manage your response intelligently.

Question: What are other ways better self-control will lead to more success or improve your life?

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