5 Ways to Measure and Enhance Your Well-Being

To enhance your well-being and function at your optimal level, it’s essential you make it a priority daily.

The days you don’t operate at your best or feel like yourself, it’s highly probably your well-being has not been a priority.

Before you can improve it, you need to know what it is.

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What is Well-Being?

Well-being is a state in which a person generates positive emotions naturally in their everyday life. It can include feeling happy, content, peaceful, and fulfilled.

This often shows in how they go about their daily life, how they perform, and how they interact with others.

A person who focuses on their well-being deals with negative emotions a lot better.

The Difference Between Happiness and Well-Being

While a person experiences happiness if they have good overall well-being, there are differences.

Well-being is a state of mind that reflects a person’s acceptance of themselves and satisfaction with their life.

We associate happiness with positive emotions, and it’s often based on conditions being met. For example, if something happens that a person deems “positive,” they will feel happy.

Happiness depends on what a person thinks and rarely lasts long.

Well-being comes from within, which means it’s deeper and longer lasting. It does not depend on conditions or circumstances.

enhance your well-being

How Does Your Well-Being Affect Your Life?

It’s important to pay attention to your well-being because it affects all areas of your life. These include:

  • Your physical health.
  • Your emotional health.
  • Your mental health.
  • Your feeling of life satisfaction.
  • Your stress levels and how you respond.
  • Your social connections.
  • Your optimism for a better life.
  • Your level of focus on your self-care and overall wellness.
  • Your energy levels.
  • Your ability to learn and develop yourself.

How Do You Measure Well-Being?

While a person’s well-being is a personal yardstick, you can measure your well-being according to four categories.

  1. Physical health — Do you engage in regular exercise? Do you get enough sleep every night? What are your healthy habits, which can include your eating habits?
  2. Emotional wellness — Do you experience feelings of anxiety or feelings of stress often? Do you intentionally generate positive emotions?
  3. Cognitive enhancement — Do you participate in creative activities? Do you have a relaxing activity you can go to so you can get yourself motivated or inspired? Do you give attention to what others think about you? Do you have a regular learning practice?
  4. Spiritual development — Do you practice being silent or still? Do you have practices that connect you to a higher power?

When you focus on enhancing your well-being, how you see yourself will improve.

Factors that Can Affect Your Well-Being

Things that affect your well-being include:

  • Your lifestyle.
  • Your environments.
  • Your genetics.
  • Your experiences.
  • Your state or mind or mindset.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Well-Being

Here are five simple ways you can enhance your well-being which will help improve your overall health and outlook on life.

  1. Take time out for yourself every day. This includes engaging in activities that recharge you and help you be at your best. Maintaining daily self-care practices will enhance your well-being.
  2. Make your health and wellness a priority. This includes being mindful about what you eat and drink, engaging in regular physical activity, and improving your quality of sleep. Learning to deal with stress better is also beneficial.
  3. Find meaning in the things you do. When you love what you do, it’s a lot easier to experience a deep sense of meaning in life. Knowing your purpose or having a mission you’re drawn to are ways you can also find meaning.
  4. Build relationships that bring the best out of you. It’s hard to have a sense of well-being if you don’t have people who support you and want the best for you. Your relationships will affect your attitude, which is why you must be intentional about who you spend your time with.
  5. Practice appreciation daily. Since well-being is a state of mind, how you view and experience life is also a mindset. If you have a regular gratitude practice, you will find it easier to see the bright side of life. Training yourself to experience positive emotions starts with appreciating what you have.

Other Things That Will Enhance Your Well-Being

Additional things you can do to improve your well-being include:

  • Trying new things or creating unique experiences.
  • Asking for help when you need it.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and being comfortable saying no.
  • Giving back to others through volunteering.
  • Having an inspiring vision to aim for.
  • Setting goals that challenge you to grow.
  • Practicing self-reflection.
  • Letting go of things not serving you.

Final Thoughts

To be your best self, knowing how to enhance your well-being will make a difference. When you’re feeling down or not your normal self, it’s a reminder to give more attention to your well-being.

The quality of your life depends on everyday activities or moments, which you can improve by making your well-being and how you feel a priority.

Action Step: If you know you haven’t been at your best or have low energy, assess whether you have made your well-being a priority. Apply the ideas suggested to enhance your well-being. You can start by taking time out for yourself every day.

Question: What are other ways to enhance your well-being?

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Neel Raman

If you’re a leader that wants your team to perform better, get a free copy of my bestselling book, “Building High-Performing Teams” here: http://bit.ly/2rS1T4F

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