5 Ways To Stay Strong When Life Is Going In The Wrong Direction

how to stay strong during tough times
  1. Conduct a self-evaluation of your situation. When things are not going well, it is the best time to assess what’s going on. It is the perfect time to take stock of where we are, what has been contributing to our situation and where we would really like to go. Awareness is the first step toward change so we must become aware of what is going on for us currently before we can do anything different.
  2. Be appreciative for your current experiences. This may seem like an unusual thing to say but our current experiences are teaching us something valuable. Every time we have a challenge or have an experience that is not what we want, we have the opportunity to learn something from it and know how to deal with something similar in the future.
  3. Shift your focus to what you want. Oftentimes, we tend to revisit or replay the things that are not going well and all that does is it keeps our focus on what is not working well. That tends to perpetuate negative thoughts and emotions, and keeps us in a negative state. When we can shift our focus to what we want, we will automatically start thinking of ways to make it happen. All it takes is a mental switch in focus.
  4. Remember the law of rhythm. The law of rhythm states that the entire universe follows a rhythm. For example, night follows day, a high tide is followed by a low tide. Similarly, good times follow bad times. When we’re on a down swing, it is important to know that the swing will change and things will get better. Our responsibility is to get clear on what we want and focus on that.
  5. Ask, “Who can help me right now?” Usually the thing that can solve our challenge is a phone call or conversation away. It is very likely that someone has already experienced what we are going through and can offer advice that will help us. It could be via sharing a resource or introducing us to someone else who can assist us. The key lesson here is we don’t have to go through our challenges alone.

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