7 Easy Things You Can Do to Raise Your Vibration

How You Can Keep Yourself in a Positive, Healthy Mental State and Create Better Experiences Daily

During challenging times, knowing how to raise your vibration is important, if you want to keep yourself in a positive, healthy mental state.

Events, circumstances or situations are part of our lives. Your ability to know the vibration you are in at all times and raise it, so you can accomplish what you want, will support you in creating better experiences.

What Does it Mean to Raise Your Vibration?

Your vibration is your state of being. Sometimes you are excited, jovial or optimistic. This means you are in a high state of vibration.

There are also times when you lack motivation, procrastinate or are not your normal self. This usually means you are in a low state of vibration, therefore you can raise your vibration to a higher state.

Most times, people can tell what vibration you are in based on your “vibes.” Your vibe or the vibration you are in is your energetic field, which others can pick up intuitively.

The higher your vibration, the better your ability to attract and create what you want.

The Benefits of Raising Your Vibration

Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” That means your vibration determines what you experience.

The benefits of raising your vibration include:

  • You will have higher levels of clarity.
  • You will not allow yourself to get overwhelmed easily.
  • You will make better decisions.
  • You will have a healthier body.
  • You will take action to progress your life.
  • You will better manage your thoughts and emotions.

As you continue to raise your vibration, you will reconnect to your inner strength and your greatness, which is always a good thing.

raise your vibration

7 Things You Can Do to Raise Your Vibration

Your energetic state or level of vibration should be a constant focus. If you know your vibration is not where you would like it to be, there are things you can do to change it.

Here are seven things you can do to raise your vibration and maintain a positive mental attitude.

  1. Feed your mind with positivity. If you give attention to negative things or experiences regularly, you will be in a lower vibration. You can focus on positivity by reading inspiring and uplifting books, listening to podcasts, watching inspirational videos, and being around positive people. This will eliminate toxicity from your body, which will help increase your vibration.
  2. Focus on self-care and wellness. What you eat and drink affects your vibration. Getting educated on what is and isn’t good for your mind and body is important. Taking care of your body through a regular exercise routine or being in nature are simple things you can do.
  3. Have a gratitude practice. Gratitude moves you to a higher vibration because you are focusing on what’s good. There is a saying, “What you appreciate, appreciates.” The key is to generate feelings of positivity, which will change your vibration.
  4. Do what brings you joy. Joy is your guidance system or compass in life. When you are not feeling joy consistently, it means you are off course in life and are not in a high vibration. Knowing what your passions are and dedicating time to them, will shift your vibrational state.
  5. Practice letting go. Every day, things will happen that can cause you to feel frustrated, angry or resentful. Any build-up of negative emotions will lower your vibration. When you practice forgiveness and let go of thoughts and emotions that are unhealthy, you will feel lighter and calmer.
  6. Eliminate blaming or complaining. There are always things you can complain about. When you blame or complain, you lower your vibration and are not in a positive frame of mind. Your ability to take responsibility when things are not going your way will allow you to be in an empowered state. This means you will know what needs to be done to focus on what you want.

Final Thoughts

To live up to your potential and create the results you want, you have to pay attention to your level of vibration. You have the ability to change your reality by changing your vibration.

When you do, creating the outcomes you want will become easier, as you will attract that which you are in harmony with. If you do not make raising your vibration a regular focus, you will be at the mercy of external circumstances, which means you won’t be in your true power to create what you want.

Action Step: Make it a practice to do things to raise your vibration. Investing as little as ten minutes every day will make a big difference to how you feel and what you experience consistently.

Question: What are other things you can do to raise your vibration?

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