7 Effective Ways To Overcome Stressful Situations

We all deal with situations in life differently. While one person may find a particular situation stressful, another person may be quite comfortable with it.

As a result, how we overcome situations we consider stressful will be different. There aren’t techniques that will work for everyone, which is why it’s good to be aware of different things we can do to deal with stressful situations.

What is Considered to be a Stressful Situation?

Here are some examples of stressful situations. While this may not be a complete list of stressful situations, whether at work or life in general, it’s good to be aware of what can cause stress for others.

  • Losing a job.
  • Having a conflict with a colleague or team member at work.
  • Receiving bad medical news, either personally or for a family member.
  • Having financial difficulties.
  • Witnessing a crime or being involved in a crime.
  • Getting ready or planning for a holiday.
  • Losing something valuable.
  • Getting engaged or married.
  • Offered a new career opportunity.
  • Dealing with death of a loved one or close friend.

Each time we experience a situation we deem to be stressful, it’s always helpful to have tools and techniques to be able to cope with them.

Tips to manage stress

7 Ways to Handle Stressful Situations

  1. Remove yourself from the situation. When we’re caught up or attached to a situation, it’s much harder deal with it. We can detach ourselves from the situation by taking a break, getting out of the situation by going outside and spending some time in nature contemplating things.
  2. Focus on your breathing. One of the physical responses we have when we experience stress is to breathe faster and take shallow breaths. A way to overcome this is to slow down our breathing by taking in deeper breaths and breathing out slower. As we start to slow our breathing down, we will automatically start to feel calmer and more grounded.
  3. Do something physical. Some people like to “work off” their stress. As stress is a mental or emotional response, it also affects our physical body as well. Things we can do include some form of exercise or going for a brisk walk. The key is to engage our body in order to reduce the effect of stress on our body.
  4. Talk to someone. Rather than keeping things bottled up inside, it’s a lot better to talk through what we are feeling with someone. The other person does not necessarily have to offer advice but sometimes it helps just to vocalise our thoughts and emotions. Oftentimes, just speaking what we’re feeling can greatly reduce any level of stress we are experiencing.
  5. Journal your thoughts on the situation. Taking some time to reflect on a situation we find ourselves in can be valuable because we’ll give ourselves the opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Write down answers to questions such as, “How would my best self respond to this situation?” or “How did I contribute to the situation and what did I learn?”
  6. Make a plan. Sometimes a stressful situation will require us to do something about it. Rather than jumping in and doing the first thing that comes to mind, it’s more beneficial to be intentional and think things through first. Creating a plan to assess, acknowledge, adapt and act will help us move forward more effectively.
  7. Become more aware of your stress triggers. Every time we experience stress, we can use the experience to learn more about what causes us stress. As our triggers will be different, we can use each experience to become better at dealing with stress. The more aware we are about our stress triggers, the better we’ll be able to deal with them in the future.

While stress is a normal part of life, we should not let it stop us from doing the things or creating the outcomes we want. The better we get at dealing with different kinds of stress, the less likely it will slow us down or prevent us from achieving our goals.

Action Step: If you’re currently facing with a stressful situation, apply the ideas suggested to deal with it and move past it easier and faster. If required, reach out to someone and ask for help if you know you’re struggling to overcome the situation on your own.

Question: What is another effective way to overcome stressful situations?

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