7 Things That Will Make You Develop More Patience

  • Irritation or anger.
  • Feeling rushed or under pressure.
  • Shallow breathing which may include short breaths.
  • Restlessness or being fidgety.
  • Hands clenching or tightening due to muscle tension.
  • Nervousness or feeling anxious.
Ways to become a more patient person
  1. Become aware of the things that trigger you. Knowing what our triggers are will allow us to be better prepared to deal with situations that test our patience. For example, if we always feel like we are rushed, then we need to ask ourselves why are we in such a rush or hurry. Those answers will reveal what is truly behind why we feel rushed or hurried, and we’ll be in a better position to respond.
  2. Practice deeper breathing. Sometimes we just need to slow our breathing down to give ourselves time to think about what is really going on. One way to do that is to count slowly to 10 in our mind whenever we feel our patience is being tested.
  3. Just stop and get grounded. Instead of getting all worked up with our minds racing at a million miles an hour, it is better to just stop and give up trying to fight the situation. It may be easier to stop fighting a situation and start focusing on the solution.
  4. Learn to master your emotions. Our emotions determine what we experience each day and what the quality of those experiences will be. The better we become at controlling our emotions, the easier it will be to not get caught up with things that aren’t important anyway.
  5. Learn to look at things from different perspectives. Most times, our patience is tested by others and when we expected something to have gone a certain way. And when it doesn’t, that’s when we’re likely to experience different emotions. Sometimes it may be easier to just put ourselves in other people’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Doing that can make us feel a lot better straight away.
  6. Practice releasing and relaxation techniques. Oftentimes the pressures and stresses of life accumulates and reaches a boiling point, which in turn, can test our patience. We can avoid being in such situations by releasing any build-up of negative emotions. This is why practices such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi or Qigong have all proven to bring significant mental, emotional and physical benefits.
  7. Focus more on the important things in life. Instead of getting caught up with things that don’t really matter long term, we should always come back to what is really important, moment to moment. Asking ourselves, “Will this really matter months or years from now?” is a powerful way to remember what is truly important to us.

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