7 Ways to Give More Focus to the Success You Want

When we give more focus to what we want, we increase our chances of reaching the outcomes we want.

To give more focus to something means placing more attention and directing more energy to a specific task or outcome.

Those who can focus better will be able to achieve what they want a lot easier and faster.

Things You Can Expect When You Give More Focus to Your Success

As we give more attention and energy to the success we want, things we can expect include:

  • Greater clarity on what actions we need to take.
  • Attract resources that will help achieve what we want.
  • Increase our level of self-confidence.
  • Generate higher levels of motivation.
  • Be inspired to set bigger goals.

If we want more success in the future, we have to pay more attention to what we’re doing today.

give more focus

7 Effective Ways to Give More Focus to Things That Will Achieve More Success

There are many principles of success and there isn’t one single way that will make someone more successful. Usually success is achieved by doing certain things over time, and making adjustments based on results reached.

Here are seven ways to give more focus to the success we want so that we can stay motivated longer and eventually get what we want.

  1. Define what success looks like to you. As everyone has different ideas on what success is, we have to be clear on what it means to us. It’s important we look at our lives holistically, not just focus on one or two areas. The clearer we are on what success means, the easier it’ll be to identify the actions required to reach it.
  2. Engage with people who have achieved the success you want. It’s very likely other people have achieved the success we want. Rather than trying to figure out everything ourselves, we can fast-track our way to success by learning from them. We can learn from their successes and their mistakes.
  3. Give up any excuses you may have. Whenever something does not go our way or we don’t get a result we want, it can be easy to come up with excuses as to why it happened. Whatever excuses we argue for, we get to keep. If we’re serious about reaching what we want, we have to let go of all our excuses and fully commitment to getting the outcomes we want.
  4. Develop more discipline and persistence. Our energy levels are often high whenever we set a new goal. Our challenge is to maintain it as we’ll have to go through the middle stages of a project or goal. This is where having a high level of self-discipline and staying persistent will keep us moving forward.
  5. Continue to invest in yourself. The more we learn, the more we’ll grow. If we haven’t achieved what we want, it means there are things we still have to learn. This may involve developing new skills, learning new strategies and developing new connections with people who can support us.
  6. Develop a reward system. It’s often said, “Success is a journey.” To keep ourselves motivated or engaged through our journey, it’s valuable to give ourselves rewards for reaching certain milestones. These rewards can be big or small. It depends on how well we understand what drives us and how committed we are.
  7. Focus on developing the right habits. Similar to developing discipline and persistence, when we focus on the right habits, we’ll make things easier for ourselves in the long run. As most of the things we do are habitual, when we develop the right habits, we don’t have to give conscious attention to doing the right things because they’ll be things we do automatically.


As we start to give more focus to the success we want, we will become more aware of what it takes to reach the success we want. The more successful we are, the better we’ll feel about ourselves, which can also inspire us to make a bigger difference in the world.

Action Step: Choose one area in which you would like to have more success. It can be in your career, relationships, health or finances. Evaluate whether you are giving the focus required to reach the success you want. Start applying some of the ideas mentioned so that you can reach the success you want easier and faster.

Question: What is another way we can give more focus to the success we want?

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