7 Wonderful Things That Will Happen When You Live Your Passions

Being able to live your passions is very appealing, but it remains a distant dream for most people.

We’re happiest and at our best consistently when we’re doing things we love. Joy is our inner guidance system.

Whenever we’re not experiencing joy, it’s usually a sign we’re off-course in life. This means we’re engaged in activities that aren’t meaningful to us.

One key to a meaningful life is to do what we love. Our passions are things we love.

What Does it Mean to Live Your Passions?

When we live our passions, it means we’re doing things that bring us joy.

In his book, Aspire, Kevin Hall reveals the real meaning of passion is being willing to suffer for what you love.

He states, “When we discover what we are willing to pay a price for, we discover our life’s mission and purpose.”

Our quality of life will improve when we’re living our passions.

live your passions

One of the main reasons we don’t live our passions is because we’re disconnected from them. Having heard popular phrases such as, “live with passion” or “follow your passions,” for many years, I didn’t know what my passions were.

When I took The Passion Test, a life-changing process created by Janet Attwood and Chris Attwood, I reconnected to my passions. Since then, I have been conscious about aligning my daily priorities to my passions.

While sometimes I’m not in full alignment with my passions, most times, my daily activities are things I love to do.

7 Things That Will Happen When You Live Your Passions

Here are seven things that will happen when you live your passions and are in alignment with what brings you joy.

  1. You will experience more fulfilment in your work. Most of us spend almost a third of our lives working. Doing work that’s meaningful is important to us. When we’re doing work that matters, we’ll experience higher levels of joy and satisfaction.
  2. You will have a more positive outlook on life. Our level of positive expectancy dictates our daily attitude or mood. When we’re doing things that bring us joy, we’ll be more pleasant to be around. It also means we’ll expect things to always work out for us.
  3. You will feel powerful and have more confidence. It takes courage to follow and live our passions. By being courageous, our level of self-confidence and how we think of ourselves will improve. More confidence means we’ll be willing to take more risks in life.
  4. You will have lower levels of stress. It’s highly unlikely we’ll experience high levels of stress when we’re living our passions. There may be instances when our responsibilities or obligations can generate stress, however they’re healthy stresses. When we have less stress, we’ll have a better attitude.
  5. You will develop better relationships. All our relationships depend on the relationship we have with ourselves first. When we feel good about ourselves, it will reflect how we relate to others.
  6. You will learn more about yourself. Living our passions will lead to us developing more of our creativity. As our creativity increases, our level of self-awareness will also increase. This means have a better understanding of what we’re capable of achieving.
  7. You will be an inspiration to others. We’re roles models to others. We admire those who are doing things they love and are passionate about. When we live our passions, we’ll also inspire others to live their passions.

How to Live Your Passions

There are simple things we can do to make time for our passions. All it takes is a willingness to get started. The presupposition here is we know what our passions are.

Here are some simple things to do to live your passions.

  1. Start small by blocking at least an hour every week in your calendar.
  2. Allow yourself to dream again and imagine what life will be like when you live your passions.
  3. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to transition to living in alignment with your passions.
  4. Model or learn from those who inspire you. People who are living their passions are often great role models to follow.
  5. Act on your inspirations. As you receive inspiration to do something, trust it and act on it.


If more people are living their passions, we’ll create a better, more inspiring and progressive future. To live our passions requires us to decide to live our passions.

If we do, we’ll have a better experience of life. If we don’t, we’ll continue to create the same results we’re currently creating.

Action Step: Review your calendar every week and block in at least an hour to devote to your passions. As time goes by, continue to increase how much time you dedicate to your passions each week and each day.

Question: What are other things that will happen when we live our passions?

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