8 Changes You Can Make When You Lack Motivation

The pressure we face to manage our daily demands and get things done can cause us to lack motivation occasionally.

When we’re always busy or under pressure to meet deadlines, it can cause us to:

  • Generate additional stress.
  • Lose focus why we’re doing the things we are.
  • Not feel or operate at our best.
  • Do poor quality work.

Things That Can Cause You to Lack Motivation

Motivation can be difficult to sustain and easy to lose. Therefore, we have to know the contributing factors that can cause us to lose motivation. Some of these things include:

  • Doing the same things repeatedly over a long period.
  • Not inspired or passionate about what we’re doing.
  • Not having clarity on the benefits of doing the things we are.
  • Feeling we have to do something rather than wanting to do something.
  • Having too many things to do.

As lack of motivation is something we’ll experience, having techniques we can use to get motivated again will be beneficial.

As there are different aspects to us as human beings, it’s helpful to consider things from a holistic perspective. This means addressing things at different levels of our being, which are the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical levels.

Changes You Can Make if You Lack Motivation

A. Spiritual Level

  1. Practice mindfulness techniques in the moment. This can be through meditation, deep breathing or just allowing ourselves to be still. It’s during these quiet moments that we can reconnect to our motivations again. Learning releasing techniques can also be helpful in being able to let go of emotions that aren’t helpful to us.
  2. Use your perspective to view your situation differently. If we lack motivation, chances are we’re generating thoughts that aren’t empowering. If we train ourselves to look at our situation from different points of view and find something positive, we’ll feel motivated again.

B. Intellectual Level

  1. Use motivational resources. This may include watching or listening something uplifting or motivation such as documentaries, movies or podcasts. The aim is to use these resources to reignite our own motivation.
  2. Make reading a lifelong practice. Reading shouldn’t be something we do occasionally. We’ll gain a lot if we make reading a regular practice, ideally daily. The mental or intellectual stimulation we’ll get from reading will support us in staying motivated for longer periods of time.

C. Emotional Level

  1. Speak to someone you connect with well. This can be a family member, friend, a colleague or a mentor or coach. Sometimes we need to talk things out to release emotions we are feeling. The aim is to get a new perspective on our situation so we can get motivated again.
  2. Get to the root cause of your lack of motivation. Not feeling motivated is often an emotional issue. We have to look at what’s really going on for us. It could be we’re avoiding something or we’re afraid to take a particular action. Doing a self-evaluation will help us get to the root cause of what’s coming for us.

D. Physical Level

  1. Refuel yourself. We have to be more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies. Sometimes the food we eat may cause us to feel sluggish or lazy. Knowing what to eat and when to eat for our body type is vital if we want to have sustained levels of energy. For some people, taking power naps can be a good way to recharge.
  2. Be outside in nature. In the modern work environment, we’re indoors frequently, exposed to artificial lights, without a lot of fresh air. Being outside provides us with fresh air and also helps us engage our bodies. A simple brisk walk or doing stretches will re-energise us, which will help with our motivation levels.


Most times, it’s the little changes we make daily that will help us stay motivated longer. If we find we lack motivation, we have to consider things from different levels and not force ourselves to get motivated. The more force we have to apply, the harder it will be to sustain our motivation.

A wiser approach is to build in these practices as part of our daily routines, which will support us in generating the motivation we want.

Action Step: Whenever you lack motivation, consider things you can do at these four levels. Keep a record of what works better for you so that after a period of time, you’ll know what you need to do to get motivation again quickly.

Question: What are other changes we can make when we lack motivation?

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