What You Can Expect to Happen When You Make This a Personal Standard

To create what you want and live the way you’d like to, you need to learn to take more responsibility for your life.

Throughout our lives, we’ve been conditioned to let external circumstances or other people determine what we can or cannot achieve.

This implies we don’t believe we have…

Why This Will Make You Happier, More Confident and Bring Greater Inner Peace

With the everyday pressures and expectations you have to deal with, sometimes it’s challenging to accept yourself fully the way you are.

It’s easy to find examples of people who have lost their true identity because they want to fit in with others.

Unconditional self-acceptance is necessary to live a…

How You Can Set Yourself Up for More Success By Making Simple Adjustments

Rather than hoping to have an exceptional year, you can set yourself up for more success if you make a few simple adjustments.

Having a desire to improve personally and professionally often drives your decisions.

It’s useful to know what to consider if you want to have an exceptional year…

How to Change Your Perspective on What Failure is to Stay Motivated to Achieve What You Want

Even though setbacks and failure can affect your self-confidence and motivation, they can also inspire you to fail your way to success through new awareness and insights.

Failing your way to success means using the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences to achieve what you want.

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If you pursue…

5 Ways You Can Reframe Setbacks or Disappointments to Your Advantage

If the year has not gone as planned, you will need to switch your mindset to avoid repeating mistakes you’ve made so you can improve your results.

To switch your mindset will require introspection and a willingness to get uncomfortable as you get totally honest with yourself.

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Examples of the Year Not Going Well

Common examples…

5 Things That Will Help Maintain Your Integrity and Self-Worth

When you know how to stay true to yourself in any situation, making choices that’s best for you will become a lot easier.

It’s challenging being yourself because it’s not uncommon to feel pressured to conform or fit in.

It requires a strong character and having a positive self-image to…

Why Knowing These Will Change the Relationship You Have with Yourself

As you learn ways you can validate your self-worth, you will understand your value a lot better and what you offer others.

If you don’t know what makes you valuable, you won’t share it with others, which means you won’t build strong relationships.

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What Does It Mean to Validate Your Self-Worth?

Validating your self-worth means truly accepting…

5 Things You Can Do to Embrace Letting Go and Surrendering

The need to control everything is a major obstacle for many people, which prevents them from experiencing life.

A person’s inability to let go and surrender reveals a control mindset, which will keep them from being free.

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Why Do People Have the Need to Control Everything in Their Life?

There is a concept called locus of control. A person with an…

Why Having These Will Enhance Your Mental Health and Your Social Awareness

If you have emotional intelligence skills, you will deal with unexpected events and situations in your life well, and also relate better to others dealing with something similar.

Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to notice their emotions and those of others, and respond sensibly that’s appropriate for the situation…

5 Strategies That Will Help You Retain and Apply What You Learn to Improve Your Results

With the rate at which things are changing, to keep up and continue to gain knowledge, skills and awareness, it’s beneficial to make learning fun.

Learning things actively will make the experience more impactful, which will help you apply what you learn a lot easier.

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Why Make Learning Fun?

To achieve goals will…

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