A Simple 21-Day Challenge For Feeling The Best You Have Ever Felt

how to have a better life
  • Day 1 — Hydrate more. As our body is over 65% water, the more water we drink, the better we will feel. While the amount of water we require will vary depending on our physical characteristics, as a general rule, a couple of glasses per hour is a good start.
  • Day 2 — Do deep breathing and meditation. Deep breathing allows us to take in more air hence we will be taking in more oxygen, which is vital for the cells in our body. When we add meditation, not only will it quieten our mind, we will also allow inspiration to flow freely to and through us.
  • Day 3 — Release negative thoughts. Built-up resentment, anger, guilt, and most other negative thoughts deplete our energy. Any emotion we hang to uses mental energy, which in turn, shifts our focus away from how we want to feel. Asking questions like Could I let this emotion go?, Would I let this emotion go?, and When can I let this emotion go? can be a simple way to release any built-up negative emotions.
  • Day 4 — Visualise your ideal day. As everything is created in our mind first, it makes sense to “see” our day exactly how we want it to be. Visualisation is a powerful technique to create the results we want. When we are emotionally connected to the result we want, we start to accelerate the achievement of that result.
  • Day 5 — Engage your body physically. The saying, Nothing tastes as good as feeling healthy is so true. Doing some sort of physical activity a few times during the week will help get our energy flowing again, which all contributes to us feeling great.
  • Day 6 — Forgive someone. Holding a grudge against someone does not do us any good in the long run. We’ve all had things go against us. Rather than hanging onto a grudge against someone, forgiving them for what they have done can be such a liberating experience.
  • Day 7 — Plan out your week. Having clarity is an essential requirement for having a great day, a great week, a great month and a great year. By identifying what we’d like to accomplish, it helps give us direction and focus throughout the week.
  • Day 8 — Journal about your day. Journalling is a great way to capture experiences and lessons learned each day. When we allow ourselves to reflect upon our day, we give ourselves the opportunity to think through how we can do things better or differently if we’re ever in a similar situation again. Plus we can also capture what we did well and why it worked well so that we can continue doing them.
  • Day 9 — Avoid having unhealthy snacks. Unhealthy snacks may be high in salt and sugar, which will not contribute to us feeling our best for a sustained period of time. Instead, having fruits, healthy nuts or even healthy shakes can be better alternatives. A little research online on what are good snacks to eat will be tremendously helpful.
  • Day 10 — Appreciate someone. Whether it is a friend, colleague or family member, letting someone know how much you appreciate them will not only make their day, it will also put you in a great mood as well. Everyone loves a compliment.
  • Day 11 — Start reading a new book. It can be on a topic you’re interested in or just for mental simulation. Reading engages our imagination. The more we read, the more creative we’ll be plus it will also expand our knowledge.
  • Day 12 — Share a goal with someone you trust. At times, we just need a little encouragement from those we trust especially when we are working toward something that is beyond our comfort zone. Share a goal you have with someone and get their thoughts. Sometimes they may be able to help make that goal a reality.
  • Day 13 — Laugh like you’ve never laughed before. It’s okay to let yourself go and have a good laugh. It can be through watching something funny or speaking to someone who will make you laugh. Laughter is one of the best ways to feel the best we’ve ever felt.
  • Day 14 — Research a new place you’d like to visit. Having something new to look forward to always brings new excitement and anticipation. Where is one place you’d like to visit? Find out when would be the best time to visit and what will be required to make it a reality for you.
  • Day 15 — Watch something uplifting or inspiring. YouTube is a great place to watch inspiring presentations, documentaries or interviews. It doesn’t have to be long — 15 to 20 minutes can give us a tremendous boost and the motivation we need to keep going for what we want.
  • Day 16 — Give something away that you no longer need. It can be giving away clothes, shoes or items in your home that you don’t have any use for. The key is to give it away for free, without expecting anything in return. You may be surprised by what comes back to you.
  • Day 17 — Review your bucket list and pick one thing to focus on this year. We all have dreams that we’d like to fulfil however where our dreams fall down is we don’t give enough energy and focus to making our dreams come true. It starts with a decision. Decide on the one dream you’d like to make a reality this year.
  • Day 18 — Speak to someone who can help you achieve one of your goals. One of the fastest ways to achieve a goal is to ask for help, and help is usually a phone call or a conversation away. Pluck up the courage and speak to someone who can support you in achieving one of your goals.
  • Day 19 — Write down 20 or more successes you’ve had over the past five years. We all have different definitions of success and therefore we’ve all had different levels of success that we may not be acknowledging ourselves for. Start creating a “Success Log” and you’ll be amazed by the number of things you have actually achieved.
  • Day 20 — Buy something for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes it just feels good to reward ourselves. It can be buying new clothes, shoes, a new gadget, or whatever you feel compelled to buy or do. A word of caution — do exercise a level of responsibility and stay within your means. However, the idea here is to treat yourself in the best way you think you can.
  • Day 21 — Do one thing you have been hesitating to do. Whether it is asking for a raise, leaving a secure job and starting a new career, or having a conversation you know you should, once you actually do it, you will feel so good about yourself. It will take courage but the reward will be well worth it.

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