How to Attract the Right People to Progress Faster in Life

Your ability to attract the right people into your life will help you progress faster, while developing real connections and forming new partnerships.

People will always come into and drop out of your life. When you attract the right people, they can enhance your daily experiences and the quality of your life.

When you attract the right people, you will:

  • Develop a better mindset and attitude.
  • Receive new ideas.
  • Become aware of opportunities.
  • Experience more happiness.
  • Improve and grow as a person.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Achieve your goals easier and with less effort.

Attracting the right people can add greater meaning, joy and excitement to your life.

It’s often said, “You become who you spend most of your time with.” Who you attract into your life depends on:

  • Your environments.
  • Your current network.
  • Your self-confidence.
  • The level of clarity you have.

If you want more success, connecting with the right people is an important factor to consider.

attract the right people

Here are five ways you can attract the right people, so you can create meaningful relationships and progress faster towards what you want.

  1. Know who you are and stay true to yourself. If you want to attract the right people, you first have to “be” the right person. You don’t attract what you want — you attract who you are. This means having more self-awareness and knowing your values. That will support you in attracting the right people.
  2. Create space to bring in the right people. This means letting go of relationships not serving you. That will open up space for the right people to come in. Have the belief the right people are everywhere and are waiting to support you. Get clear on who you want to attract and visualize them coming into your life.
  3. Stay present and open to opportunities. Sometimes, things may happen or you will become aware of events taking place. Be curious and stay open to what they can lead to. You can learn from those experiences and gain more clarity on who you want to attract.
  4. Create a plan to attract the right people. This can include identifying where you will go to meet the right people. It can also include how you will connect, what you will say and what your next steps will be when you meet new people. Your plan can also include asking others for ideas and sharing who you want to attract.
  5. Become more attractive by seeing the best in people. People gravitate to those who are like them. If you want to attract positive people in your life, let go of negativity you may have. This can include resentment, judgment, self-criticism, jealousy or anger.

Life is about the connections and relationships you have. If you have supportive people in your life, you will have better relationships and create more success.

If you believe you cannot attract the right people into your life, you won’t create deep, meaningful relationships. This means you won’t have the support from people who can help you accomplish what you want quicker.

Action Step: Conduct an assessment of the people you interact with most. If they are a positive influence, place a “+” next to their name. If they are a negative influence, place a “-” next to them.

From the assessment, determine if the people in your life are supporting you to become the person you want to be. Then create a plan to attract others who can help you reach your goals.

Question: What are other ways to attract the right people to progress faster in life?

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