How to Become a Big Thinker in 5 Simple Steps

Why This Practice Will Make a Positive Difference in Your Life

When you become a big thinker, you will experience a shift in how you view everything, which will make a positive difference in your life.

Learning to become a big thinker isn’t something we’re taught at an early age, and it’s often formed from our life events and daily experiences.

A big thinker is someone who:

  • Can let go of self-created limitations.
  • Can grasp concepts, ideas and possibilities beyond present circumstances.
  • Has developed the ability to stay focused on the main thing.
  • Can move past the specifics and details of a process or project to get to a desired outcome.
  • Can change their thoughts or adapt quickly to any situation.

When you develop the ability to become a big thinker, the benefits include:

  • You will open your mind to possibilities you have not considered previously.
  • You will challenge your limitations and beliefs.
  • You will increase your self-belief and self-trust.
  • You will become a person others call upon for ideas or solutions.
  • You will develop more of your untapped potential.
  • You will deal with problems with greater awareness.
  • You will make better use of your gifts, strengths, and abilities.
  • You will take new actions to achieve more success.

Not everyone is a big thinker, therefore you will increase the value you can offer when you become one.

become a big thinker

Reasons people do not become big thinkers include:

  • They have not learned how to become one.
  • They do not know the benefits of developing that ability.
  • They have been conditioned by their environments and experiences to think the way they do.
  • They let circumstances and their results dictate how they think.
  • They do not have an all-consuming purpose that dictates their thoughts and focus.

Here are five steps you can take to become a big thinker, which will assist you to create new results and make a positive difference in your life.

  1. Schedule time for thinking regularly. You may say, “But everyone thinks.” There is a huge difference between thinking and mental activity. Thinking involves deliberately directing thoughts to specific outcomes. Giving yourself time for thinking will allow you to engage your imagination and fantasize about possibilities.
  2. Commit to never-ending improvement in everything you do. Having the mindset to always improve what you do and how you do them will cause you to think of creative ways to do things. This will expand your thinking and also allow you to see things from fresh perspectives.
  3. Constantly focus on ways to add value to others. Being service-minded requires a constant focus on helping others reach the outcomes they want. This will require you to look at how much value you’re giving those you serve, with the intention of providing additional value to help them achieve what they want easier and faster.
  4. Study the lives of those who’ve achieved noteworthy success. People who achieve great success in life aren’t lucky. They have learned and applied certain things. You can learn what they have done by reading books, enrolling in courses or programs, and attending workshops and seminars. As you study their lives, you will receive inspiration to set bigger and better goals.
  5. Associate with big dreamers and thinkers. If you spend time with those operating at a higher level than you, it will have a positive effect on how you think and what you aspire to achieve. Big dreamers are those who do not let precedent dictate what could be possible. Being around them will increase your self-belief.

The real purpose of becoming a big thinker is to improve your life and the lives of others. If you regard becoming a big thinker as a skill you can develop, it will cause you to let go of your limitations and be more mindful about who you spend time with.

When you know how to become a big thinker, you increase your chances of creating results beyond your wildest dreams.

Action Step: Schedule time weekly for thinking. Use that time to allow your imagination to run wild and dream of what’s possible for you and how you want to live your life.

Question: What are other steps you can take to become a big thinker?

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