How to Channel Your Anger in a Positive Way

5 Ways You Can Achieve an Intelligent Outcome When You Are Feeling Angry

Learning how to channel your anger in a positive way will help you manage your emotional state to achieve intelligent outcomes when unexpected things occur.

Everyone experiences anger. Instead of denying or suppressing it, channelling your anger can lead to a different result, if it is done the right way.

When a person feels angry, they may react. That can include having a heated conversation by raising the voice, saying things they would not normally, or doing things out of character.

To channel your anger means to redirect to something worthwhile. That can include paying more attention to what is going on around you, or doing something that will lead to a positive result.

If you do not channel your anger intelligently, the dangers include:

  • You may lash out at someone, which can harm your relationship with them.
  • You will not improve how you manage your emotional state.
  • You will not focus well.
  • You may not express what is coming up for you the right way.
  • You will not generate productive thoughts, which will affect the actions you take.
  • You may do something you regret later.

If you can channel your anger into productive action, you will reach good outcomes, which means you will get what you want without force or intimidation.

channel your anger

Here are five ways you can channel your anger in a positive way, so you can take intelligent actions to achieve the outcomes you want.

  1. Acknowledge you are feeling angry. Denying how you are feeling will not help. If you suppress your anger, it will eventually come out. Accept you are feeling angry and reflect on what caused it. Become aware of the thoughts you are thinking that are causing you to feel angry. Notice what triggered your anger.
  2. Take time out to compose yourself. Take deep breaths to gather yourself. Avoid the impulse to react. Having a short break or even going for a walk will help. The time you give yourself will allow you to think of a better response.
  3. Refocus on the outcome you want. When you feel angry, it usually means a need or an expectation was not met. Rather than focus on what you did not get or missed out on, redirect your attention to what you want.
  4. Talk about what is coming up for you. If something a person said or did triggered your emotion, have a conversation with them. Your aim is to express yourself without blaming or making the other person wrong. Sometimes, miscommunication or a misunderstanding can trigger an unhealthy emotion unnecessarily. When you talk it out, you will learn more about your triggers.
  5. Take an action that will put you in a productive state. Built up energy needs to be expressed. When you take action, that will help take your focus off what went wrong or what you did not get to what you want. Taking action is a simple way to redirect your energy to something productive.

When you feel angry, view it as information you are receiving. When you learn to recognise what your anger is communicating to you, channelling it to something positive will become easier.

Your anger can work against you, or you can use it to your advantage. How you use it is your choice.

Action Step: Next time you experience anger, avoid your impulse to react immediately. Give yourself time before you respond, so you can gather your thoughts and redirect your anger to a positive outcome.

Question: What are other things you can do to channel your anger in a positive way?

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