How to Find Meaning in Your Life

5 Ways You Can Reconnect to What’s Most Important

Neel Raman
5 min readMar 16, 2020


A gift you can give yourself is learning how to find meaning in your life so you can reconnect to what’s really important.

Humans are driven to find meaning and make a difference in theirs and the lives of others. Therefore, knowing what gives meaning to your life is valuable.

Why is it Important to Find Meaning in Your Life?

When you have a purpose or meaning in your life, the benefits include:

  • You know you are making a difference.
  • You will feel good about who you are becoming and the life you are living.
  • Life becomes more enjoyable.
  • You will be an example or role model to others.
  • You will have a higher level of clarity.
  • You will have greater self-confidence.

The Costs of Not Finding Meaning in Your Life

If you don’t feel your life has meaning or a purpose, things that will happen include:

  • You will have low motivation and drive, which can lead to boredom.
  • You are more likely to feel depressed.
  • You will not have high ambition or a positive outlook on life.
  • You will not show up as your best self consistently.
  • You will not be intentional about what you want to create or experience.
  • You are more likely to drift through life, which can cause you to feel lost.

Having ways to make your life more meaningful will lead to new experiences, which means you will have a better-quality life.

find meaning in your life

My journey to find more meaning in my life started when I questioned whether the career I had chosen was my calling in life. As it was not giving me joy, it was obvious I was not in alignment with my true calling.

Once I started my personal development journey, things I thought were important fell away. People I associated with dropped out and it gave me the opportunity to create new connections and form new friendships.

Even though the journey has been challenging, what I have learned and experienced has given my life more meaning. It has also allowed me to focus only on what matters most, without getting distracted by things that are not important.

5 Ways You Can Find Meaning in Your Life

It does not have to be difficult to find meaning in your life. Here are five ways you can find meaning in your life so you have a purpose for doing the things you do.

  1. Form a real or deep connection with a few people. In this digital age, most people are missing true connections with others. You don’t need to have many people you connect well with to have a greater sense of meaning. The fewer real connections you have, the deeper bonds you can form.
  2. Allow yourself to dream big. This is about engaging your imagination. Allowing yourself to dream again will raise your ambitions and give you something to look forward to. Having dreams will increase your motivation and your desire to accomplish new things.
  3. Develop a higher level of self-awareness. Your level of self-awareness will determine the decisions you make. The quality of your decisions dictates the quality of your life. As you develop more self-awareness through study or learning, you will have greater clarity on your priorities.
  4. Travel to places outside your normal environment. Visiting places, especially other countries, will give you more perspective on the important things in life. Often, what you think matters in life is not important when you have an experience of how other people around the world live their lives.
  5. Simplify your life. There is power in simplicity. It also provides more clarity. You can simplify your life by adopting minimalism practices. This will allow you to reconnect to things that bring you joy and also develop habits that will create more joy.

Final Thoughts

Something meaningful to you may not be to others. Only you can define what matters most to you. As you focus more on what gives meaning to your life, you will find things you considered important at one point in your life, aren’t anymore.

You don’t want to get to the end of your life and wonder what it was all about. Having the courage to only do things that are meaningful is a sign you know who you are and why you are here, which will reflect the life you live.

Action Step: Reflect on whether what you are doing now is meaningful to you. If it is, identify what you can do to take things to a higher level. If it is not, give yourself time to find what will give more meaning to your life.

Question: What are other ways to find meaning in your life?

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