How to Get Comfortable Receiving Rejections to Progress Faster

Things will not always work out if you pursue big dreams or require help from others, which is why you need to get comfortable receiving rejections.

You will experience situations that will challenge your commitment to achieve something you want.

You will also experience many rejections, and how you deal with them will affect your ability to continue progressing toward your goals.

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Why Receiving Rejections is Uncomfortable

Most people would rather not experience rejection. Receiving rejections is uncomfortable because:

  • It affects your identity and self-esteem.
  • It can make you question your abilities or who you are as a person.
  • You can take it personally and make it mean something about you.
  • You do not enjoy the emotions that come up when dealing with it.
  • You question whether you are good enough.
  • You fear you may miss out on something.
  • You feel embarrassed and do not want to experience that again.

Common Ways People Deal with Rejection

When someone receives rejections, common ways they deal with it include:

  • They become angry and can take their frustrations out on those who provided feedback.
  • They blame others for what’s missing or for what didn’t work.
  • They become defensive or make excuses.
  • They may ignore any feedback provided.
  • They get emotional.
  • They become self-critical.
  • They become resentful, cynical, or bitter.
  • They withdraw.
  • They become passive aggressive.
  • They give up or quit what they’re pursuing.

If you get comfortable receiving rejections, you will give yourself a better chance to assess what you could have done better, which will help you progress faster toward what you want.

receiving rejections

The Advantage of Receiving Rejections

You can change your perspective and look for what’s positive about receiving rejection.

The advantages of receiving rejections include:

  • You will learn to deal with a similar situation better next time.
  • You will grow as a person.
  • You will develop humility.
  • You will gain experience dealing with rejections.
  • You will not fear failure or disappointment.
  • You will learn to trust yourself more.
  • You will become more creative and a better problem-solver.
  • You will try new ways to reach your goals.
  • You will develop patience.
  • You will become more persistent.

5 Ways You Can Get Comfortable Receiving Rejections

Here are five ways you can get comfortable receiving rejections, which will help you improve and take better actions so you can achieve greater success.

1. Accept receiving rejections is a part of life

If you’re receiving rejections, it means you’re doing things to move your life forward. That’s a good thing. This means you’re challenging yourself and growing as a person.

2. Look for the lessons you need to learn instead of taking it personally

You do not need to make receiving rejections mean something about you. Many factors affect whether someone says yes to a request.

Instead, reflect on what you need to learn from the experience and how it can help you progress faster to your goals.

3. Take a new approach to get the outcomes you want

A rejection is just feedback. It means something you did or an approach you took did not work. See it as an opportunity to take new actions to reach your goals.

4. Actively seek rejections

A powerful way to get comfortable receiving rejections is to put yourself in situations where things may not go your way.

Every time you receive a rejection and survive, your threshold to receive more will increase. That will make it less likely you will take rejections personally.

5. Trust your inner guidance and follow your heart

It’s tempting to quit on something when you receive a rejection. A better approach is to pause and listen to your intuition.

Ask what you can do differently and what the most obvious next step is for you. If something is important, you will do what’s necessary to get the outcome you want.

Things to Remember When You Receive Rejections

Here are things you should remember when you receive rejections:

  • Manage your attitude and emotions well.
  • Do not let it discourage you.
  • Seek advice or guidance from those you trust.
  • Do not waste mental and emotional energy overthinking about a rejection.
  • Avoid comparing your situation to someone else’s.
  • Look for what’s positive and acknowledge yourself for having the courage to do something different.
  • Avoid blaming, complaining, or justifying.
  • Know the experience will help make you a better person.

Final Thoughts

Receiving rejections is part of the journey to get to where you want to be. Knowing that will help you get comfortable receiving rejections, which will help you reach your outcomes faster.

You will have more success in life than you will receive rejections, so you don’t need to feel discouraged when you do.

Action Step: Next time you receive a rejection, give yourself time to reflect on the experience. Ask yourself, “What do I need to learn from this experience and how will it benefit me in the future?”

Question: What are other ways you can get comfortable receiving rejections?

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