How to Graciously Receive to Become a More Generous Person

The extent to which you can graciously receive, whether it’s a compliment, gift, or feedback, will help you become a more generous person.

Most people find it easier to give than to accept. As you get comfortable receiving, the easier you will find it to be generous.

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What Does It Mean to Graciously Receive?

To graciously receive means to:

  • Accept something from another person with humility and gratitude.
  • Not deny someone the experience and joy of giving.
  • Respond to a person’s intent with respect.
  • Acknowledge the risk someone took to give you something.
  • Pay attention to how others respond when you’re generous and model the behaviour you want to.

Reasons People Find It Difficult to Receive

People find it difficult to receive because:

  • They feel embarrassed by someone’s generosity.
  • They let their pride impede allowing someone to do something that makes them feel good.
  • They don’t believe they deserve to receive something.
  • They don’t want to come across as needy or selfish.
  • They don’t know how to accept a compliment or a gift.
  • They worry others will judge them.
  • They may not feel comfortable giving, so they cannot relate to another person giving them something.
  • They do not want to admit they need help or encouragement.

Being a generous person works both ways. You need to know how to give and how to receive. When you improve in one area, you will in the other too.

graciously receive

The Relationship Between Receiving and Being Generous

When you’re comfortable receiving, it will make you more generous because:

  • You will let go of your fear of embarrassment or rejection.
  • You will feel happier.
  • You will improve your attitude and outlook on things.
  • You won’t judge people for wanting to give to others.
  • You will enhance your relationships.
  • You will feel grateful more often.
  • You will want to help others and do something positive for them.

5 Ways You Can Graciously Receive to Become More Generous

Here are five ways to graciously receive compliments, gifts, or feedback without feeling embarrassed or guilty, which can inspire you to become more generous.

1. Practice gratitude daily

If you aren’t grateful for what you have and what you’ve been given, you won’t have a giving mindset.

When you practice gratitude, it will invoke positive emotions, which will support you in being generous to others.

2. Make your self-care and attitude high priorities

When you feel nourished and good about yourself, you will have a better attitude. A healthy attitude will spur you to do something positive for others more readily.

3. Connect to how receiving makes you feel

When you receive something from someone, if it’s a positive feeling, know that’s what others will most likely experience when you give something.

If you feel any discomfort, it means you have beliefs about what it means to receive from others and what it means to give to others. You need to work through those beliefs if you want to move past them.

4. Accept when someone does something for you, it’s important to them

If you cannot receive well, you’re denying someone the joy of giving. Not everything has to be about you or how you feel.

Giving someone the opportunity to do something nice for you is a way you can show them respect.

5. Know you are worthy of receiving from others

Your willingness to receive reflects your self-worth. If you believe you’re worthy of receiving, you will find it easier to accept from others.

You can always improve your self-worth and your self-image.

Final Thoughts

The world needs more generous people. You can become more generous by becoming better accepting compliments, gifts, or feedback from others.

When you experience the joy in receiving from others, you will naturally want to pay it forward, which will make you more generous.

Action Step: Recall the last time you received something from another person. How did you respond and how did you feel? If it was a positive experience, identify ways you can give others the same experience. If you felt any discomfort, figure out what the reasons were and work on resolving them.

Question: What are other ways to graciously receive so you can be more generous?

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