How to Know if Your Current Work is Your Most Important Work in Life

5 Signs the Work You Are Doing is Your Highest Value Work

The most important work we can ever do is our life’s work or mission. I believe we have a purpose in life and it’s up to us to find out what that is.

In recent times, there have been many surveys done to find out what people’s engagement level and enjoyment at work is. It’s no surprise that the majority of people in the workforce are not engaged or enthusiastic about the work they do.

It’s safe to conclude that those who are not excited about their current work lack clarity as to what their most important work is in life.

Apart from low engagement levels and enthusiasm at work, if the work we are doing is not what we are meant to do, it will:

  • Affect all areas of our lives, often in a detrimental way.
  • Lower our self-confidence.
  • Affect our outlook or attitude about life, and what is possible for us.
  • Cause us to miss opportunities because we may not be open to new ideas.

This is why I believe finding our life’s work has to be the most important thing we can ever do in life, no matter what it is.

The programming I had when growing up was that I needed to have a career that was secure and provided long-term security. The roles that had been identified as a suitable career included being a doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant or engineer. It didn’t matter whether any of those careers were what I was interested in or not.

I chose an engineering career and it was very evident that it was not something I was interested in or enjoyed. Having spent almost a decade doing work I did not enjoy, I know the internal pain people feel when they are just “going through the motions” and doing work in order to earn a living.

Once I was able to learn more about myself and what really mattered to me, I was able to transition out of a career I did not enjoy to a new career that is more in alignment with my higher purpose in life, which is training, coaching, speaking and inspiring others to follow their true calling in life.

We all can find what our most important work is. Here are five signs that reveal the work we are doing is what we are meant to do and is our highest value work.

  1. Your work doesn’t feel like work. If we are constantly in a state of flow, meaning not only do we enjoy what we are doing, but it’s also effortless for us, then that’s a good indication that what we are doing is our highest value work.
  2. You have an inner knowing that it is what you are meant to do. There is a saying, “The truth has a ring to it.” Sometimes we can’t explain why something is either right or not right for us — we just know. That is our intuition guiding us to do what is right and what we are meant to do.
  3. You end each day feeling good about the work you have done. True fulfilment in life can only come from being of service to others. When we’ve done something that matters not only to us, but makes a positive difference in other people’s lives, then we experience a state of being that is rewarding, satisfying and meaningful.
  4. You look forward to the next day with enthusiasm. I once heard a statistic that most adult heart-attacks occur on Mondays, which could be interpreted as people having some sort of negative emotion to their week ahead. When we cannot wait for the next day to arrive, that’s when we have found work that is very important to us.
  5. You are willing to sacrifice things to continue doing your work. Sometimes the reward of accomplishing something is much greater when we’ve gone through adversity to achieve it. When we’ve given up things of lower importance in order to keep our focus on things of much greater significance and importance, that is an indication we have found our life’s work.

Finding what our life’s work is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. If we choose to meander along through life, hoping to get to death safely, that is a recipe for unhappiness, dissatisfaction and an overall lower quality of life. It’s our responsibility and choice to find our life’s work.

Action Step: Ask yourself the question: If you could do something that was meaningful, rewarding and also caused you to grow, while bringing you joy, what would that be? That will be a clue as to what your most important work in life is.

Question: What is another sign that indicates we are doing our most important work in life?

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