How To Look At Difficult Conflicts As New Opportunities

  • Cause high levels of stress, which can also keep us awake at night.
  • Affect our ability to concentrate.
  • Lower our self-confidence.
  • Destroy relationships beyond repair.
  • Result in emotional and financial loss.
ways to deal with conflict
  1. Conflict is feedback that something is not right or not working. If we consider our bodies, whenever we get sick, it is our body’s way to providing feedback to us that something is not right. If we choose to ignore that feedback, it can lead to more serious consequences later in life. Similarly, when conflict arises, that’s also feedback something is not quite right and needs to be addressed. The conflict itself is the opportunity to make things better.
  2. Conflict offers insights into another person’s world. Whenever the way we see the world is challenged, it can be uncomfortable and may even feel threatening. Whenever conflict arises, it helps us better understand the other person’s model of the world. By getting to know how they see the world, we can come up with more effective strategies to transform the conflict.
  3. Conflict can evolve a relationship to a new level. The ideal scenario is, at the end of a conflict, the relationship between two people experiencing the conflict, will elevate a whole new level. It can be done by agreeing on how to work together moving forward or agreeing on how to address a similar situation in the future. Like any relationship, in order to make it better, all parties must be willing to work on it.
  4. Conflict is an opportunity to learn something about ourselves. It takes two to tango, as the saying goes. It is very rare a conflict is 100% one person’s doing. Chances are, all who are affected by the conflict, contributed to it in some way. This is where conflict offers us the opportunity to reflect and grow, to own our mistakes, and by being willing to take new actions to make things better.
  5. Conflict can create a better future. Dissatisfaction is often the creative state. Whenever we are not getting the outcomes we want, we have the choice to do something about it. We can evaluate how we may have contributed to the current state and start coming up with ways to make things better. We tend to be quite creative if we have the right motivation to improve a situation.

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