How to Make Learning Fun So You Can Progress Faster to Your Goals

With the rate at which things are changing, to keep up and continue to gain knowledge, skills and awareness, it’s beneficial to make learning fun.

Learning things actively will make the experience more impactful, which will help you apply what you learn a lot easier.

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Why Make Learning Fun?

To achieve goals will require you to stretch and go beyond what you’re familiar with. This means you will need to learn things to achieve new results.

If you need to learn things to achieve your goals, making learning fun will:

  • Add to your learning experience.
  • Cause you to want to continue learning.
  • Help you retain more of what you learn.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Improve how you learn.
  • Make you more knowledgeable.
  • Enhance your ability to apply what you learn.

Whenever something is fun, you’re more likely to immerse yourself in what you’re learning because you’re experiencing a positive stimulation.

make learning fun

A fun learning experience I remember was in a seminar, where participants were practicing improving their presentation skills in groups of six.

To ease the discomfort everyone was experiencing, the trainer gave each person three minutes to speak as any character they wanted to. Instead of focusing on what to say or how they were coming across, everyone was free to just have fun.

Some spoke in a different accent, some imitated famous people, and some were funny. The whole point was to get everyone to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others and not to take themselves too seriously.

That had a powerful effect on how I spoke during the activity, because I didn’t have to focus on whether I was doing well or not.

5 Strategies to Make Learning Fun So You Can Reach Your Goals Faster

Learning needs to become an activity you undertake regularly if you want to develop more of your potential.

Here are five strategies that will make learning fun, which will help you retain and apply what you learn a lot better and progress faster to your goals.

  1. Change your mindset about learning. Instead of saying, “I need to or have to learn this,” a better mindset is, “I get to learn this.” This will help you feel you have a choice in what you’re learning, and you’re not doing something you don’t want to do.
  2. Connect what you want to learn to an outcome you want. Unless you know the purpose of what you’re learning, you will struggle to remain excited about it. Most of what you learned in school isn’t relevant to real life. Knowing the relevance of what you’re learning will cause you to stay committed to it a lot longer.
  3. Use social learning and friendly competition. Learning with others and engaging in friendly competition will make the process enjoyable because everyone likes to win. When you learn with your peers, you will reinforce what you’re learning by getting other perspectives.
  4. Make the learning process experiential. Active learning is more powerful than passive learning. You can make the learning process experiential by mixing the modes of learning, incorporating games, and using technology. This will also help you better understand how you can learn effectively.
  5. Integrate what you learn into your daily life. Learning becomes fun when it’s applied and causes you to achieve new results. The sense of accomplishment will boost your motivation. For example, if you learn to meditate and make it a regular practice, and notice yourself being calmer or experiencing less stress, that will make it worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

To improve your results will require you to eliminate unproductive habits and replace them with positive ones. To do that, you will need to make time to learn new things and become better at how you learn.

By making learning fun and applying what you learn, you will increase your chances of progressing faster to your goals and improving your life.

Action Step: Identify one thing you want to learn, then come up with one or two ways you can make the learning process fun. Find someone you can learn with to make the experience more enjoyable.

Question: What are other strategies that will make learning fun and easier to retain what you learn?

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Neel Raman

If you’re a leader that wants your team to perform better, get a free copy of my bestselling book, “Building High-Performing Teams” here:

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