How To Overcome The Fear Of Taking New Risks

The concept of taking risks implies there is a possibility something we want to accomplish may not work out.

Taking a risk means doing something for the first time or doing something different. There is often fear associated with taking risks and most times, the things we initially believed to be risky don’t turn out that way.

Risk is often overrated because things eventually work out, even in times of failure. We tend to learn and grow more from our failures than from our successes.

The level to which we’re willing to take risks often corresponds to the level of success or reward we get in life. Risk equals reward. The more risks we take, the better our chances of achieving what we want.

It’s quite normal to have some level of fear come up whenever we think of doing something we believe is risky. The good news is we can always do things to deal with any potential risks so that we can continue to make progress and move closer to what we want.

While taking risks in life means we’re learning and growing, it’s important to know that we should never put ourselves at risk. If we do something that affects our ability to survive or stay physically safe, then perhaps the risk we’re taking is not an intelligent risk.

Every risk has to be assessed on its own merit.

Fear of risk taking

5 Things You Can Do to Overcome the Fear of Taking Risks

  1. Determine your current comfort zone. Each one of us is prepared to take different types or levels of risk. It’s helpful to first know what type of risks we’re comfortable taking. Then we can determine what one step outside that comfort zone is and how we feel about taking that step. Sometimes it’s easier to gradually increase how much risk we’re willing to take and as our confidence grows, we can take more risks.
  2. Always be learning. The more prepared or knowledgable we are, the less risky something will appear to be. The more we know about what we want to do or achieve, the amount of risk we associate to it will decrease. Reading, watching documentaries, having conversations with people, or taking courses are ways we can be constantly learning.
  3. Acknowledge what’s coming up. What we consider to be a risk is just our perception based on our own self-worth and confidence. Sometimes we make up reasons which we believe are valid for either doing or not doing something, but most times, that’s fear disguised as excuses. If we experience doubt or worry, it means there is something we need to look at and address in order to achieve something new.
  4. When in doubt, reach out to someone. Chances are someone has already done or achieved what we consider to be a risk. Having mentors, coaches, advisors or people who have done what we want to do is extremely valuable as they’ll be able to share ideas or their experiences with us.
  5. Be okay with something not working out. This will require a lot of mental strength because not everything we undertake in life will go the way we want it to. Failure is inevitable in life. Sometimes we just have to be willing to laugh at ourselves if we don’t succeed at something, but have the understanding that we have learned something valuable. The worst thing that could happen is we remain where we are or go backwards.

Things always tend to work out, even when we don’t initially get the outcomes we want.

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Take New Risks Today

  1. Speak to someone you have been avoiding, which may involve owning up to something you’ve done.
  2. Finish something that you know you have to get done.
  3. Share a goal you have with someone.
  4. Quit or end one thing that is not serving you right now.
  5. Share something you’ve been holding back on by speaking your truth.

Our life is a reflection of the decisions or choices we’ve made and our willingness to take risks to create the life we want. As we take new risks, we’ll grow and evolve in all aspects of our lives.

Action Step: Review something that you consider to be a risk from a new perspective, based on what’s been mentioned above. Decide on one thing you can do over the next week to lessen the risk you’ve associated to it.

Question: What is another thing that can be done to overcome the fear of taking new risks?

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