How To Strengthen Your Intuition In Order To Make Better Decisions

We have all been given the gift of intuition, however the majority of people are not aware of how to use it to their advantage.

Through our experiences in life, we tend to make most of our decisions according to what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch, and suppress one of our greatest gifts — our intuition.

What is Intuition?

A simple way to define intuition is it’s the voice we hear or images we “see” before our rational mind kicks in. The Latin origin of intuition defines it as “look or go within.”

Our intuition is like an internal GPS that is always guiding us in the right direction and subtly informing us of what is true for us in any given moment.

Albert Einstein once said, “I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.”

Why Strengthen Your Intuition?

Once we learn how to strengthen our intuition and trust it more, we will:

  • Have a lot more clarity on what’s important to us.
  • Be less indecisive.
  • Feel more confident that what we are doing is beneficial to us in some way.
  • Experience less stress or overwhelm because of higher levels of clarity.
  • Have better daily interactions because we’re guided by a higher intelligence.

As the decisions we make control the quality of our results and our overall life, strengthening our intuition will help us make better decisions.


At first, it was surprising to me to learn that using our intuition was a skill and just like any other skill, it could be developed over time. One of my earliest introductions to personal development work involved developing my intuition and using it alongside my imagination.

I learned that my imagination was the bridge to my intuition, and through specific exercises and activities, I was able to develop it so well such that most of my major decisions in life often go through some sort of an intuitive process.

Here are five specific ways we can strengthen our intuition so that we have another reliable means of making important decisions for our lives.

  1. Learn symbol interpretation. We receive visual images or symbols all the time, and they are usually valuable information that is relevant to us at that time. For example, when we need to make a decision, we can ask for a symbol by being silent. It is important to go with the first symbol we receive, then interpret what that symbol means in relation to the decision we want to make.
  2. Become familiar of the difference between your intuition and your rational mind. Intuition is “knowing” before you really know. It’s also called gut feeling, inkling or sixth sense. How it is different from voice of our rational mind is that our intuition is usually gentler, softer and quieter, whereas our rational mind often is more intense, chaotic and “feels” heavier.
  3. Test our your intuition with smaller decisions. We have to first trust the accuracy of our intuition. For example, sometimes we may get a sense that we should take a different route when travelling or we “feel” we should go to a particular store. They are easy to act on and will give us better insights as to what the voice of our intuition is. Over time, we will be more confident to act on anything we believe is true for us.
  4. Have a regular reflection practice. This is a way to have an “informed” intuition, which we can always go back to and review. Regular practices such as meditation or deep breathing are powerful ways to go within and listen to our intuitive voice. Having a writing practice is also a powerful way to strengthen our intuition because writing engages our imagination.
  5. Start using your imagination more often. Our imagination connects us to a reality that does not exist at present. Every thing that has been created has been created twice — first in our imagination, then in actual reality. We have to learn to “make it up” or have the ability to keep defining something, like a symbol or an image, until we get to the truth. And the truth always has a ring to it, which is what will help us make more accurate decisions.

Just like anything else we develop in life, it requires consistency, discipline and focus to strengthen our intuition. The more effort we put into it, the stronger it will become. Once we trust our intuition, it will become one of our most valuable tools we have to make decisions to improve the quality of our lives.

Action Step: Test out your intuition by choosing to receive a symbol related to a decision you want to make. For example, if you want more clarity on a decision you want to make related to your business or career, be silent and choose to receive a symbol. Then start interpreting that symbol as best as you can until you reach a point where you just know what is the next true step for you.

Question: What is another way we can strengthen our intuition so we can make better decisions?

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