How to Tap into Your Hidden Creative Power

5 Things You Will Gain as You Develop Your Creativity

Neel Raman
5 min readOct 7, 2019

The ability to tap into your hidden creative power can make a big difference in what you achieve in life.

You have creativity locked up within you. As you develop that creativity, you will continue to improve your life.

What is Your Creative Power?

Your creative power is how you express your true self. It’s your creativity. We often think of artists, musicians or writers as creative. The truth is, we’re all creative.

Your creative power is your ability to tap into something that’s not visible and make it a reality in your physical world. It’s making something out of what already exists, to create what you want. Your ability to use this power depends on your resourcefulness, imagination and intuition.

Although tapping into your creative power may not happen consciously, it follows a process.

The Creative Process

The process to unlock your hidden creative power follows specific stages, which includes:

  1. Accumulate material you want to learn. Here, focus on learning what is relevant to achieve what you want.
  2. Form an emotional connection to what you are learning. This involves using your perspective to form new connections between ideas you are learning and how they work or fit together.
  3. Give yourself time for ideas to germinate. Sometimes, focusing on something different for a short period will allow your mind to process what you’ve already learned and come up with a solution.
  4. Return to what you are learning and trying to achieve. You may receive inspired ideas or new insights that can move you closer to the outcome you want.
  5. Test your inspired ideas or insights through action. You won’t know if something will work if you don’t test it. This can involve asking for feedback, then making improvements.

Your creative power is hidden because circumstances or experiences in your life may have affected your confidence and what you believe is true for you.

To become the best version of yourself, you have to learn to unlock this creative power.

hidden creative power

One of my creative powers that was hidden for many years, is my ability to write. I enjoyed writing essays while in school. As I got older, I stopped writing because I did not have a reason to write. The skills I had developed were not used.

When I wanted to write my first book, I had to start all over again and learn how to write. I enrolled in a writing course, which helped me learn new things and improve my skills. It also helped me gain the confidence I needed to write my book.

I wrote my book in five months and have written several more books. Writing is one way I express my creativity now. And I always had it within me.

What You Will Gain When You Tap into Your Hidden Creative Power

Unlocking your hidden creative power will:

  • Improve your mental and emotional states.
  • Increase your confidence.
  • Lead to the achievement of new goals.
  • Change how you view your life.
  • Open up new opportunities.

When we’re creative, we feel better about ourselves and our lives.

How to Tap into Your Hidden Creative Power

Tapping into our creative power will vary for most people. However, there are simple things that will help.

Here are five things you can do to tap into your hidden creative power so you can express your creativity consistently.

  1. View everything you do as a way to express your creativity. This is a mindset shift. If you think of everything you do as how you express yourself, you’ll be more inclined to do the best you can.
  2. Allow yourself to make mistakes instead of chasing perfection. It’s okay to allow yourself to produce “B-grade” work. Things can only be improved or perfected if they’re released. This does not mean getting into the habit of producing poor quality work when you know you can do better. It means seeing yourself as someone who wants to continuously improve things.
  3. Produce something consistently. You cannot be creative if you are not creating. This means forming the discipline to produce things regularly. The more you produce, the better you will become.
  4. Keep yourself accountable. To produce consistently, you have to hold yourself accountable. This can involve setting deadlines, asking for feedback and seeing a task or project all the way to completion.
  5. Act on inspiration. Inspired ideas can come through at any time if you’re in a relaxed state. It’s your responsibility to act on them. Those who are highly creative have formed the habit of executing on ideas they receive.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to gain when you unleash your hidden creative power. If you want to elevate your performance and results, harnessing your creativity will make a difference.

The downside of not tapping into your creative power is you won’t bring the best out of yourself consistently. The more you express your creativity, the better life you will create.

Action Step: Follow the creative process to create something new you want in your life. Treat it as an experiment and make changes as needed to make it work better for you.

Question: What are other ways to tap into your hidden creative power?

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