How To Train Your Brain To Become More Positive

Have you ever noticed some people tend to be “lucky” consistently, whereas other people tend to continuously attract negative experiences?

Our experiences do not occur by chance or luck. We create our reality based on our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

If we’re responsible for our reality, then we have the power to create the reality we want. The starting point is being able to condition our minds and our brains so that we maintain a healthy, positive attitude, and direct our attention to what we want to create.

The brain is an organ that’s dynamic and constantly changing based on what we’re feeding our minds. If we’re constantly stimulated in a negative way, then that’ll affect how we see ourselves, others, and how we operate in the world.

On the other hand, if we’re feeding our minds with positivity, then we’ll have a more positive outlook on life. We know there’ll be times when we go off track and get caught up in negativity, but if we’ve trained ourselves to focus on what’s positive, then it’ll be so much easier to shift our focus away from negativity.

Our job is to train our brain in such a way that it’ll be easier for us to focus on thoughts that’ll lead us to where we want to go or what we want to achieve.

Ways to focus on being more positive in life

A valuable lesson I’ve learned is that we cannot bring light where there’s darkness by focusing on the darkness. We have to focus on the light. In other words, rather than focusing on what we don’t want, we have to focus on what we want.

When I wanted to start listening to more positive and educational programs during my work commute many years ago, initially my focus was on not listening to the music I usually listened to. The more I tried to eliminate the habit of listening to music, the harder I found it.

When I replaced my music with educational audios, my focus shifted away from my music to what I was learning. While it was challenging initially, over time, the more I focused on educating myself, the less important listening to music became. This technique was so successful that I very rarely listened to music because I became more interested in learning.

That was an example of training my brain to focus more on the positive instead of trying to eliminate what was negative.

How to Train Your Brain to Focus More on Positivity

  1. Take time to observe your thoughts. Self-awareness is the starting point for creating lasting changes. We have to be totally honest with ourselves and take inventory of our thoughts and what we consistently give our attention to. A good way to know what we’ve been thinking is to assess what emotions we’ve felt consistently in recent times. If we aren’t experiencing joy on a consistent basis, then we know we have to shift our focus to more positive thoughts.
  2. Develop a daily ritual to prime your brain. Priming our brains means to intentionally do certain activities daily so that we become conditioned to think, feel and act a certain way. This may include reviewing our goals daily and becoming emotionally connected to them, which produces more hormones like dopamine and helps us stay motivated and focused on our goals. Other rituals may include saying positive affirmations to ourselves, meditating, and visualising what we want to create.
  3. Add in reminders periodically throughout the day. As we get caught up in the busyness of our day, sometimes we forget to refocus on what’s important. Having reminders programmed on our phones, to notify us at certain times during the day, is a great way to quickly get centred and refocus on how we want to be as we go through our day.
  4. Be intentional about who you spend time with. Even with our best efforts to stay positive, if we’re in an unhealthy or negative environment, it’ll eat away at us and affect our attitude. If we’re in a situation where we cannot change the environment, then it’s our responsibility to control what we give our attention to. We can always choose not to get involved in negative conversations and focus on creating the outcomes we want instead.
  5. Be more generous with your appreciation. Everyone likes to be appreciated. The more positive compliments and comments we give as we go through our day, the more we’re training our brain to focus on what’s right. It’s very easy to focus on what’s wrong but it takes more effort to train ourselves to focus on what’s right.

Training our brain means directing our focus by thinking certain thoughts, feeling certain emotions and displaying certain behaviours. When our brain is programmed to focus on what’s positive, we’ll notice more opportunities to help us create what we want. It all starts with what we’re feeing our minds and the thoughts we generate as a result.

Action Step: Schedule at least 30 minutes this week to reflect on your past two weeks. Assess what type of thoughts you’ve been generating and the type of emotions you’ve been feeling. If you know you’d like to improve what you’ve been thinking and feeling, then start developing a daily ritual to prime your brain.

Question: What is another technique we can use to train our brain to be more positive?

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