How to Unlock Your Natural Gifts to Achieve Your Big Dreams

5 Ways You Can Discover Your Innate Talents and Abilities

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What Are Your Natural Gifts?

  • Things you do effortlessly, that you may often downplay.
  • Talents or abilities you were born with.
  • Things you love doing.
  • Things that make you feel alive when you’re doing them.
  • The things you prefer to do most of the time.

What Does It Mean to Unlock Your Natural Gifts?

  • Have a high level of self-awareness.
  • Express or share them with others.
  • Follow what you’re good at and do the best you can.
  • Be true to yourself and not deny what makes you unique.
  • Build on your strengths and develop better disciplines.
  • Have the courage to be yourself.
your natural gifts

Why is It Valuable to Unlock Your Natural Gifts?

  • You will experience more positive emotions doing things that bring you deeper levels of joy.
  • You will live a life that’s aligned with who you truly are.
  • You will enjoy living a life where you can express your natural abilities.
  • You will feel inspired to pursue your dreams.
  • You will have the freedom to live how you want.
  • You will achieve success that’s meaningful.
  • Your life will change in a positive way.

What Prevents People from Unlocking Their Natural Gifts?

  • They have not developed self-awareness.
  • They’re afraid to try new things.
  • They don’t believe they’ve been born with a special gift in life.
  • They’re afraid of failure or of how others may respond to them.
  • It’s more comfortable to stay where they are and not challenge themselves.
  • They may believe others won’t understand them.
  • They don’t know how to find their special gift or their natural talents.
  • They may even be scared to find out what their true gifts are and what it means.

The Benefits of Unlocking Your Natural Gifts

  • You will make positive changes in your personal life.
  • You won’t live by other people’s rules anymore.
  • You will want to pursue things that matter to you.
  • You will make a bigger difference in the world.
  • You and others will get to know the real you.

5 Ways to Unlock Your Natural Gifts to Progress Faster to Your Big Dreams

1. Take an inventory of things you do well and easily

2. Recall what you loved to do as a child

3. Remember the major successes you’ve had in life and what caused them

4. Ask people you trust what they think your natural gifts are

5. Practice stillness and receive insights on your next steps

Final Thoughts

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If you’re a leader that wants your team to perform better, get a free copy of my bestselling book, “Building High-Performing Teams” here: