How to Upgrade Your Thinking to Achieve More Success

5 Things You Can Do to Develop a More Positive Mindset

Just like you may upgrade your computer or phone, it’s also helpful to upgrade your thinking consistently.

It’s common for people to upgrade to a newer model car, software program or any other material thing. Saying to someone, “You have to upgrade your thinking,” is not very common and can be met with resistance.

An upgrade implies a new experience or outcome, which is better than what was available previously. Upgrade your thinking refers to generating new thoughts, which will lead to new actions and new results.

As thought is the starting point of all achievement, in order to reach a new level of success, a person must be willing to upgrade their thinking. If a person doesn’t upgrade their thinking, they will continue to produce results at the same level as they currently are.

When a person upgrades their thinking, it will:

  • Expand their awareness or perspective on how they see things.
  • Lead to greater confidence and motivation.
  • Inspire bigger dreams.
  • Lead to new behaviours and actions.
  • Lead to more success.

As human beings have a desire for more, by upgrading their thinking, a person will create better experiences in life.

upgrade your thinking

An example of when I had to upgrade my thinking was when I first started public speaking. Being an introvert, it was really challenging for me to be in front of an audience and being the centre of attention. In order to have any success as a speaker and trainer, I knew I had to upgrade my thinking and my skills.

Initially, I wanted to get comfortable speaking in front of small audiences so I enrolled in a Toastmaster’s course. At that time, my audience size was less than ten people. The next step was presenting at different networking events and speaking at Rotary Clubs. The audience size increased to around forty people and the evolution continued over the years.

It eventually led to me speaking in front of over 1,000 people at a TEDx event. This only happened because I continued to upgrade my thinking and my skills over the years, and I’m continuing to do so.

Here are five things a person can do to upgrade their thinking, which is like developing a new mindset for success.

  1. Observe your thoughts. Before thoughts can be changed, knowing what type of thoughts a person thinks now, is necessary. This can be done in quiet moments of reflection or contemplation. A good mantra to remember is, “I have thoughts. I am not my thoughts. I am the thinker of my thoughts, therefore I can think new thoughts.”
  2. Question your thoughts or assumptions. As thoughts leads to results, if a person is not getting the results they want, it’s valuable to question their thoughts. Being curious and open to change is vital to go to the next level of thinking and success. Asking, “Why do I believe that?” or “Does having that thought help me get the results I want?” are good ways to question your thoughts.
  3. Be around high-level thinkers. The people you spend most of your time with will influence your thoughts. High-level thinkers are focused on achieving big dreams and making a bigger impact in the world. By being around high-level thinkers, new opportunities and possibilities will start opening up.
  4. Take on new challenges. Doing the same things over and over creates comfort and a sense of feeling stagnant. New challenges will enhance creativity and develop better problem-solving skills. They will also require a person to tap into resources within themselves in order to overcome their challenges.
  5. Be a student who is always learning. There are always things to learn and ways to improve in all aspects of life. Learning implies growth. When a person is not growing, it means they’re mentally, emotionally and physically dying. Learning can inspire new ideas, and lead to new discoveries and bigger dreams.

It’s highly beneficial to upgrade your thinking as it will lead to more success in life. By doing some simple things daily, being able to think new thoughts can become a new habit. This will help develop a positive mindset on a more consistent basis. An upgrade in thinking will lead to an upgrade in the quality of life a person will start experiencing.

Action Step: Review one goal or area of life in which you are not getting the results you want. Evaluate what type of thoughts you are generating consistently towards it. Choose one new action you can take starting this week in order to upgrade your thinking.

Question: What are other ways to upgrade your thinking in order to achieve more success?

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