How to Use Future Pacing to Improve Your Life

If you know how to use future pacing, you can speed up your achievements and change your life.

Chances are you’ve used future pacing many times without realising what you were doing.

When you intentionally make future pacing a regular practice, you will experience positive changes and results.

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What Is Future Pacing?

Future pacing is a technique where you imagine yourself having achieved a goal or something you want. It’s mentally rehearsing something without having done it yet.

It uses visualisation and imagining techniques to see yourself having achieved what you want, or responding in a situation exactly the way you’d like to.

It’s using the power of your mind to project yourself to a future you have not created yet.

You can use future pacing to feel the feelings you’d like to have when you accomplish something, which means it can help motivate you to take action towards it.

You can also use it to see yourself as the person you’d like to be, with the skills, qualities, or attributes you may not currently have.

Future pacing is about looking ahead rather than what’s happened, which will help you take action towards what you want.

future pacing

The Advantages of Using Future Pacing

The benefits using future pacing can bring include:

  • Increased confidence. When you use future pacing, you can see yourself achieving a goal. This will help build your self-confidence because you can visualise yourself doing what’s required to reach your goal.
  • Improved motivation. When you build a clear or detailed picture in your mind of the outcome you want, it will feel real. As the brain cannot tell the difference between something real and something vividly imagined, you will have increased motivation to get things done.
  • Better performance. You can prepare yourself mentally to deal with situations before they happen. This can help you focus better, which will also increase your productivity and your outputs.
  • Avoid procrastination. When you know what you need to get done, you can use future pacing to see yourself doing it. This means you will reduce the likelihood you will waste time or not do the things you know you need to.

5 Ways You Can Use Future Pacing to Change Your Life

Here are five ways you can use future pacing to speed up your achievements and improve your life.

  1. You can envision the success you want. Visualise yourself reaching the outcomes you want and having the life you desire to have. Picture yourself being there as if it’s already happened.
  2. You can generate emotions you want to feel. Anything you want in life is because you believe you will feel a certain way once you have it. Instead of waiting for it to happen in reality first, you can feel the feelings you want to have now.
  3. You can intentionally think better thoughts. All man-made creation starts in the mind as an inspiration or idea before they become conscious thoughts. If you want to achieve better results and have more success, you need to think thoughts that will get you to the outcomes you want. This means you can practice thinking the thoughts that will support you to reach the success you want faster.
  4. You can stay focused longer and build momentum. When you have a clear picture of what you want and know the feelings you want to feel, that will help you focus on the results you want. With better focus comes consistent action, which will generate momentum and keep you motivated longer.
  5. You can create bigger dreams in your mind. It takes no more effort to build a big dream in your mind compared to something that’s realistic or safe. People are reluctant to dream big because they do not want to feel disappointment or they have not given themselves permission to do so. You can use future pacing to let your mind wander and fantasize big dreams.

How to Start Practicing Future Pacing

Here are simple steps you can take to practice future pacing.

  1. Start with something you want to achieve or how you want to act in a certain situation.
  2. Let yourself get into a calm, relaxed state.
  3. Close your eyes and mentally see yourself having reached your outcome or acting the way you want.
  4. Get emotionally connected to the outcome you want. Feel those feelings of success now.
  5. Continue seeing yourself there and feel those emotions.
  6. Stay as long as you need to in the future you want before returning to your current state.
  7. Repeat these steps often.

You can also add sensory triggers, including sounds, aromas, and positive statements or affirmations.

Final Thoughts

You can make future pacing as simple or as elaborate as you want. The main thing is to do it consistently, so it becomes more familiar to you.

Once you experience positive changes in your results, you will want to use this mental technique often and for almost any situation you’re in.

Action Step: Choose a goal or an outcome you want. Ask yourself, “Can I use future pacing to help me get the outcome I want?” Go through the steps suggested and practice it.

Question: How else can you use future pacing to improve your life?

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Neel Raman

If you’re a leader that wants your team to perform better, get a free copy of my bestselling book, “Building High-Performing Teams” here:

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