How To Use The First 30 Minutes Every Day To Become More Effective

5 Things You Can Do Daily to Be Consistently Productive

Imagine this scenario… you get up in the morning knowing you have so much to get done that day.

The first thing you do is turn on your computer and check your messages and emails. You start responding to messages and emails. Then you check your phone for new notifications and start responding to them. Before you know it, 90 minutes have gone by!

Now, you are feeling really annoyed with yourself and flustered because you’ve lost a good part of your morning and you still haven’t started on the work you were supposed to do. For the next few hours, you’re in reactive mode, trying to make up time you lost in the morning, hoping you can still get everything done that day.

Does that sound familiar? Does that happen to you more often than you’d like to admit?

I think we’ve all been there. We may have had the intention to be productive and get a lot of things done but for whatever reasons, our day just got away from us.

To avoid such situations, we have to be intentional with how we start each day and condition ourselves to be at our best consistently.

I have specific things I do each morning to get myself mentally ready for my day and give myself the best chance of being highly productive. Whenever I skip or alter my routine, which is very rare, I certainly notice the difference in how I feel and what my energy levels are that day, which is why I ensure I stick to my routine daily.

Here are five simple things we can do daily during the first 30 minutes of our day to ensure we are mentally strong and ready to have a productive and effective day.

  1. Express gratitude or appreciation for five minutes. Gratitude has been linked to greater levels of happiness in life. We can start off be reliving moments from the previous day that brought us joy or made us laugh. Then we can be thankful for all the things that we appreciate about our lives. It may include things we’ve accomplished, the people in our lives or the things we are working towards. Positivity first up in the morning will set us up for a productive day.
  2. Sit in silence for five minutes. We face the temptation of getting straight into our day from the time we get up, but that almost always puts us in reaction mode. A quiet mind is usually a focused mind because we have less mental noise or clutter. Allowing ourselves to be silent gives us a better chance of receiving new inspiration or insights for something we are working on or wanting to create.
  3. Visualise what you want your day to be like first then something you want in the future for five minutes. As everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in actual reality, visualising what we want or how we want our day to unfold is a very powerful manifesting technique. We can start off by imagining our day going exactly as we want it to, then we can spend a few minutes visualising the future we want to create.
  4. Plan your day for five minutes. Best practice suggests we should plan our day the night before because it gives our brains the opportunity to come up with new ideas or solutions overnight. Reviewing our plan again in the morning can often clarify what our priorities are for the day and put us in the right frame of mind. It also allows us to build in some flexibility should unexpected things occur during the day.
  5. Engage your body for ten minutes. This can be as simple as doing some stretches or non-impact exercises. It should be noted that this does not replace a regular exercise program. These ten minutes are designed to prime our bodies for the day ahead so that we can be more alert and physically strong during the day.

Setting ourselves up to be more effective does not require a lot of time. All it takes is discipline and a commitment to doing specific things daily. If we invest 30 minutes daily in ourselves, we will notice a significant improvement in our performance, productivity and effectiveness.

Action Step: Schedule the first 30 minutes to get yourself ready for your day. If time in the morning is a challenge, make a commitment to get up 30 minutes earlier if you have to. To start off with, try these things out for at least 30 days and notice the difference it makes to your effectiveness.

Question: What do you do to be more effective each day?

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