How to Use Your Perspective to Create New Results

The ability to use your perspective to create new results or experiences is a quality that can be developed.

When you use your perspective, especially when something isn’t going as planned or expected, it can influence your decisions.

What is Perspective?

Perspective is our point of view. It’s the way we see the world or give meaning to what’s happening around us.

Learning to use our perspective wisely is the ability to take ourselves out of our experience and see it differently. It’s allowing ourselves to consider something or a situation from another person’s point of view.

This can be helpful when experiencing a conflict or disagreement with someone. During the conflict, it’s common to only see things from our point of view and wanting to be right.

The ability to see their side is how we can use our perspective to create a new experience.

The Advantages of Changing Your Perspective

Learning to change or use our perspective differently has many advantages. These include:

  • Staying open to different ideas.
  • Learning new things about those we interact with.
  • Creating new or better experiences.
  • Having a better attitude or mood.
  • Becoming an adaptable and flexible person.

As we practice using our perspective during everyday experiences, we’ll manage our mental and emotional states a lot better.

use your perspective

I remember once having a chat with someone who felt unappreciated by her manager at work. She had just resigned from her role and gave a few months notice to help make the transition easier.

Her perception was her manager did not care about her anymore since she would be leaving the company. She felt she wasn’t acknowledged and recognised for what she had done to make their systems better.

During our chat, she mentioned she felt angry and hurt because her work and the value she brought wasn’t validated. I asked her if she put herself in her manager’s shoes, could she see things from her manager’s perspective?

That helped her realise her manager could have been experiencing additional stress because she was about to lose a valuable team member. It also helped her acknowledge that people have different ways of dealing with loss or coping with change.

The more she could see things from her manager’s perspective, the easier it was to let go of feeling angry or hurt.

Using our perspective will lead to new and better experiences.

5 Ways to Use Your Perspective to Create New Results

Here are five ways you can use your perspective to evaluate your experiences and create new results.

  1. Choose what you want to experience. Our attitude dictates our reality. When something isn’t going the way we want, we can choose how to view that situation. If our attitude isn’t generating the emotions or experiences we want, we can train ourselves to change how we’re seeing things.
  2. Focus on possibilities and opportunities. The law of opposites states that if there is a problem, then there has to be a solution. The ability to look for lessons, even things aren’t going well, is a powerful way to use our perspective to our advantage.
  3. Acknowledge there are other perspectives you can leverage. Our point of view isn’t always the best or always accurate. We can listen to other people’s ideas and suggestions to guide us make better choices. Sometimes, other people can help us achieve the results we want faster.
  4. Ask different questions. The questions we ask dictates what we focus on and how we view things. Asking questions that can cause us to consider things from a new point of view is valuable. Examples of questions we can ask are, “Is there another way I can view this situation?” or “What will help me solve this challenge?”
  5. Commit to continuing education. This includes learning more about ourselves, our beliefs and why we believe what we do. It also includes challenging our attitude, asking for feedback and making reflection a regular practice.


Learning to use your perspective is a valuable quality to have. It requires a strong mind to take yourself out of unpleasant situations and observe what’s happening.

If you develop that ability, you’ll have better mental and emotional control. If you don’t, you won’t take advantage of your power and create the results you want.

Action Step: Take time to reflect on something that isn’t going well for you. If you were to use your perspective to view your situation, identify the steps you can take to improve it.

Question: How else can you use your perspective to create new results?

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Neel Raman

If you’re a leader that wants your team to perform better, get a free copy of my bestselling book, “Building High-Performing Teams” here:

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