The First 3 Steps You Need To Take When Starting A New Dream

Dreams do come true! Our dreams are an extension of us so it’s our responsibility to do what’s necessary to make them a reality.

It doesn’t matter which stage of life we’re in or how old we are, there’s always things we can do to consistently keep moving forward towards our dreams.

In order for a dream to become a reality, we must have a dream to begin with. It shouldn’t matter how big or small we think our dream is. If it’s something that important to us, we should do all we can to make it come true.

As a young child, after seeing pictures and learning about the history of the Taj Mahal in India, seeing it in person became a dream of mine.

For many years, it was just a distant dream and I didn’t intentionally do anything to make it a reality.

what to do to make a dream come true

Every time I would see the Taj Mahal in a movie or a picture of it, I would think, “It’ll be great to go and visit it one day.”

Going to visit it was as simple as planning a trip and booking my flights and accommodation. However I wanted to it to be a memorable experience and I knew that the right opportunity would present itself at the right time. And it did!

In 2012, I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a TEDx event in India and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to include a visit to the Taj Mahal at the end of the event.

After the TEDx event, my next stop was New Delhi followed by Agra, which is where the Taj Mahal is located. I wasn’t disappointed!

Seeing the Taj Mahal in person was a profound experience mainly because of the beauty and the level of detail that went into every aspect of it. Just being able to touch it and admire the vision of the Emperor who had it built was an experience I’ll remember for a long time.

Even though that dream of mine took what seemed like a long time to become a reality, it did eventually happen because there were certain things I know to be true that were at play.

3 Steps You Have to Take First at the Start of Every Dream

  1. Believe it’s possible for you. We all have different dreams. My belief is we wouldn’t have a dream if we didn’t have the capacity to make it a reality. Before we do anything in the external world, we have to get our inner world right first. This means having a picture of our dream in our minds and have an unwavering belief that it will happen at the right time.
  2. Release your fears or insecurities. It’s normal to have thoughts such as “Who am I to have this dream?” or “How can I make it happen?” or “What if I pursue my dream and fail?” While having fears or uncertainty is normal, hanging onto them will not serve us. We have to learn to let go of our unhealthy or unproductive thoughts and continue to believe it’s possible for us to achieve our dream.
  3. Trust that the universe is working in your favour. A great belief to have is the universe is conspiring to make our dream come true at the right time. Most times, we won’t know how it will happen.
  4. If we stay true to our dream, serendipitous things will happen along the way that will move us closer to it. We will need to do our part by taking appropriate action and we just need to have faith that the universe will do its part.

It can be demoralising to quit on our dreams because that can have significant mental and emotional consequences. If we do the inner or mental work first, it’ll be a lot easier to do what’s required externally to keep progressing toward our dreams.

Making our dreams come true can change not just our lives, but countless other lives as well. Keep going for your dreams!

Action Step: Revisit a dream you have been holding off on or have not made any progress in recent times. Check whether you have applied the first three steps. If you have, continue doing what’s required to move your dream forward. If you haven’t applied the steps, block out some time to reconnect to your dream and why it’s important to you.

Question: What are some things you’ve done to make a dream become a reality?

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