Why Starting Slow Is Better When Pursuing Important Goals

how to accelerate the achievement of goals
  1. It forces us to look at weaknesses we may have overlooked. When something is not working out, we are forced to examine the reasons why that’s the case. On most occasions, we discover it’s something within us we need to address — whether it is a limiting belief we have or whether it is a lack of knowledge or skill. Once we address these weaknesses, we will reap the benefits for all our future endeavours.
  2. It challenges us to tap into resources within ourselves we didn’t know we had. Any challenge we face gifts us the opportunity to draw upon our inner strength. We all have it — it’s whether we are consciously activating those resources that are currently be lying dormant, waiting to be used.
  3. It expands our creativity and problem-solving abilities. We will find throughout history, some of the greatest inventions were spurred by a major problem that had to be solved. Think of how travel or communication have evolved over the centuries. Wherever there is a big problem, there is also a big opportunity, which is also an opportunity to be more creative.
  4. It makes us handle failure or disappointments better. We will not always succeed in everything we do. The more things we try, the more we are likely to fail, however, we are more likely to succeed as well. A slow start can force us to change our approach to things and develop a higher level of resilience.
  5. It helps us grow personally and develop a higher level of competence. The main benefit of a slow start is that we grow personally or professionally, and in the process, we acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and form new habits and behaviours. These all support us in having more competence in the area of our choosing.

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